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The freebase is a little stronger, comes on a little faster and burns like hell.

The salt forms (depending on which salt form) are generally a little weaker, come on slower, last a little longer, have a little more bodily effects, and don't burn nearly as much.

The same is true for 5-MeO-DMT even when taken sublingually. While freebase 5-MeO-DMT burns your mouth like hell, 5-MeO-DMT fumarate doesn’t burn your mouth at all, not even a little tiny bit, it also comes on slower, has more bodily effects, and lasts a little longer. 5-MeO-DMT fumarate is far more euphoric than freebase DMT.

Salt forms of drugs normally take longer to absorb than freebase drugs and tend to have more bodily effect than mental effects. For an extreme example of this phenomenon, when freebase 5-HO-DMT is smoked it produces very strong visuals with light body effects, but when 5-HO-DMT HCl is smoked it produces lots of nausea, strong euphoria,
and very few visuals.

The same is likely true for LSD. SWIM has never tried freebase LSD sublingually before. LSD tartrate, like 5-MeO-DMT fumarate, rapidly absorbs sublingually. It should absorb faster as freebase, especially in the presence of a base like calcium carbonate. If you mix 200 micrograms of freebase LSD with 100 mg of calcium carbonate and take that sublingually, the freebase LSD should come on REALLY FAST because the calcium carbonate will keep it in freebase form allowing it to absorb faster. The effects should also be far more visual than oral LSD, and it should produce almost no bodily effects. It’s worth a try. But SWIM hasn’t seen real LSD in over 10 years:(

SWIM has lots of LSA ascorbate and would like to try freebase LSH sublingually. It should theoretically be more visual, come on faster, and have fewer side effects that way. I imagine when SWIM has a full day to himself, he’ll try that. For the experiment, you’d mix 4 drops of mint oil with the LSA and maybe 4 drops of water. Mix for about 1 minute to form LSH from the LSA, and then mix that with 100 mg of calcium carbonate (a common calcium supplement) to freebase the LSH. Then take that sublingually immediately before it decomposes. Let it sit for 10 minute in the mouth and then spit it out so none gets absorbed in the stomach.
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