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So i went to asia...

Migrated topic.
I just realised this post is a few months old, how do you feel about it now oblighul?

I went again - not to vietnam though! :)
Very different experience seeing stuff for the second time (met with a friend for a while)
But cooming to places again does have some advantages. Some hostel staff even remembered me and being able to navigate places with easy - well, it took away part of the liminoid magic and replaced it with a sense of confidence and freedom.

It was quite incredible how much had changed in some places...and also how my attitude has changed. I'm a different person yet i could not really explain in what way. I came back not bitter, but with a much milder temper when it comes to looking at my homecountry and it's people.

All takes some time.

Take extremely good care of your body, the root chakra, your mind and emotions, build Maslow's pyramid of Self Actualization. It is never too late. We all have regrets if we're being honest with ourselves. But that's another barrier to break through. Concentration through all states, no matter how dense or light, will bring us through the eye of the needle into the Action of sewing our seeds the way we need to most. It's all right here. The kingdom of heaven is within. I Love you and hope you find strength. You will. DO it. DO IT.

Thank you for the kind words :)

And thanks for the travel tips be it india or south america....i sure want to go there....
Hi Obliguhl, it's been a while since your post in this thread and I wonder how you're doing and if you've been traveling some more.

I spent the last 8 years being an ex-pat working in different countries - it's not exactly the same as traveling but you get to hang out with all the people that are, so you get that same vibe of excited and open people who are interested in socializing and meeting new people. But even though I was pretty much stuck in one place for 1-2 years at a time the type of place prevented one from actually making really deep connections to others. People come and go at such a rate that it gets tiring to even remember their names. While you get to talk to tons of people, you have pretty much no one to ask to help with something like moving or someone to call at night when you're feeling bad... ex-pat communities are quite strange and can be very superficial.

My personal feeling was that after 8 years I was ready to find a place to really call home again, but I wouldn't have been ready after 7. I don't even know if I'm really ready, since I only just arrived back in Europe. I just felt - what you expressed in your post as well - traveling forever can't be the answer. But living just anywhere and doing just anything is also not it. There are plenty of places I would not want to live (again) for various reasons, and from what I've learned about myself and the world the place that I wanted to choose for living had a few requirements to fulfill.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that traveling and living in foreign countries for an extended period can be very educational and useful for our personal development. Sometimes you will encounter new opportunities or new ideas and they will lead to a completely new life, perhaps somewhere new. What you call home now doesn't have to be your forever home, but it can be maybe, depending on what you learn about yourself and the world in the long run.

For me, every time my contract would come to an end I would weigh out my desire to continue on out there and the desire to go home. For 7 years there was a strong desire to be "far away" from where I came from. But during the last year I started feeling really tired and frustrated with things, and really wanted to have something solid, rather than another temporary home. I felt like all my creative energy was being blown away by the fact that I couldn't invest it in any long-term projects, since who knew where I'd be next year... But of course if I'd go back to living in a city I'd have a worse problem to face: None of the long-term projects I'd like to engage in could be realized there... so really traveling/living abroad helped me to refine some of my ideas and helped me choose where I'd potentially like to live.

By the way, if you can find a job to work online, you can live almost anywhere in the world. I met a lot of people doing just that in places like Thailand, Bali, Hong Kong etc.
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