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So I've got my bufo... what now?

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Hey everyone!

So I am finishing up my bufotenine extraction with ok results, I have a 150 mg pile of bufotenine here and I am readying myself to try it out!

So, what's the best way to go about that? What route have people had the best results with?
If I were to smoke it, what would be the best way to do that? I've read repeatedly that bufotenine is much more heat-resistent than DMT, so can it be more easily "smoked"? Can I just sandwich it between some herbs with copper scrubber at the bottom? Or would it be better to attempt to make an ad-hoc vaporizer (which I can do)? What is the proper dose-range when smoked or vaporized?
What about other ways? How is it intranasal or sublingual? I remember from Ott's paper regarding the subject that they have basically identical pharmakodynamic that way, with similar dosage... so how is it that way and what dosage?
I've also read that oral causes some problems, can anyone comment on oral? I assume it would take a larger dose so I probably wont go that route even if it works...

Anyway thanks in advance! I hope to try this stuff out soon!
well for starters this might help you get some idea of how this stuff works and what you can maybe expect..

It has a higher boiling point but you can smoke it with a lighter just fine..just stick the flame on it. Take your dose slowly..maybe try 10mg and take it in 3 hits over a 5 minute period to start because if you take it all at once nausea can be too much for some people.

Lay down in the dark for the visions and just close your eyes. Bufotenine is a sedative and is not mentally psychedelic like DMT or psilocybin. Bufotenine in some ways is useless by itself as a tool for philisophical insights etc..it is a visionary experience mainly with little mental warping. Mostly you just feel sort of zapped out and sedated..sort of dreamy and medative but at the same time bufotenine is easily one of the most visual psychedelics I have encountered.

At real high doses I have broken though, and those experiences are for sure something else. Not something I would reccomend at first though because the nausea and constriction might be too alarming at that level..not everyone seems to be able to get to these places either..and there is a reverse tolerance for many..for me I had to try a few times before I was able to really get a "trip" with the stuff.

I have snuffed it. Smoking is the most effective ROA though..snuffing it does have a little more of a mental aspect though for me..but smoking it brings on the deepest visionary experiences, expesically if you dose harmalas before.
For me I fine the main thing to consider in comparison to vaporising DMT is how much harsher the vapors can be.

This has pretty much forced me to have to enhance some leaf and caapi really helps to bring something a little more special out of that substance. I do recommend experiencing bufotenine solo first though, as I find it to be a very novel psychedelic on its own, just not something I'd look to developing a long-term relationship with.
I tried 12 mg of my bufotenine in a bong today, just to get a feel for the stuff. I got the headpressure and abdominal pressure "push" right at the beginning that I remember from smoking Yopo, except much less intense.. It was very relaxing, I didn't get much visual activity but it was a small dose. It was very relaxing and somewhat rejuvenating. I just lay in the sun and relaxed with a blanket and cushion, and after the initial wave was over I got a string of very vivid memories, just of different things like my puppy and some stuff from childhood... nothing too important just random little light-hearted memories. It wasn't to the point of vision, just very vivid and visual memories.

All in all 12 mg was a small dose for me but still delivered a good experience. I'm glad I started small. I can feel the power of this stuff but I also feel benevolence from it. I look forward to trying more another day!
So 22 milligrams at the tail-end of a pharma trip led to strong head pressure and abdominal pressure, with an expanded headspace but if anything a reduction in visuals. Those that remained were different then just plain oral DMT. I could feel the bufotenine, but I could tell I wasn't getting the full effects.

I'll be moving up to 27 mg next time and I will do it without other psychedelics in my system.
I kind of have to meditate on this stuff to get it to work. Even at higher doses it was never all that forceful.

Lying down in the darks the way to go for sure.
Predosing harmalas (my dog liked rue crushed/chewed held buccally while juices collect sublingually) might potentiate and extend the experience... also consider the Dimitri-Bufo-Caapi changa blend; which is thought of by some as very special.

Jamie has an interesting suggestion:
When taken at the peak of an ayahuasca experience, it really potentiates the brew just as much as the brew potentiates the vilca. The DMT in the brew(even with very light doses of brew) really clears up the bufotenine visions and adds an extra crystaline dimension to the experiene, and also sort of sucks you into it a bit more..its more like smoking DMT..but still totally different..it's really hard to explain. The brew makes it more mentally psychedelic and you can real feel the ayahuasca helping to open you up to the vilca..it's my favorite way to take vilca changa now. It is still very very visionary when the vilca changa is taken alone, but I really like the way the 2 interact. You dont need a strong brew for this effect at all..20g of caapi and 1-2 grams of mimosa is enough for me to have the ayahuasca totally open the road within for the vilca to do it's thing..I dose about 45 minutes after I drink the brew..once I am feeling the brews euphoric rushes and music is enhanced..I just meditiate with the brew for that first 45 minutes then take the vilca..always in the dark.

Emphasis added.

69ron said rectal Bufo was one of his nicest psychedelic experiences ever and is a traditional method.

Traditionally the Mapacho tobacco cigars filled with vilca were smoked after/during chewing on Caapi bark.

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