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Sodium Hydroxide

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Michael Hunter

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Hi fellow members,
I am researching the process of converting 5-Meo-DMT HCL to the free base using Sodium Hydroxide (SH) and alcohol.

As there seems to be any number of quality and purity grades of SH, I wonder to what extent one or another form is significant to obtaining the best results.
So, that's one question I have, does it matter what percentage, form or level of purity of SH one uses, as long as one reaches the correct ph level of the mix?

And secondly, what happens to the SH after the conversion is done? Does the alcohol or the process of conversion itself evaporate it? or is there a way of ensuring that it does not end up as a component in the free base?
I sure don't want to be inhaling it.

And, thirdly, what form, grade, or percentage of SH do you recommend for this process?

I would appreciate some advice as I have little training in organic chemistry.


For your purposes, whatever purity grade you choose will be fine. I'd recommend buying 99% pure Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) simply due to the fact that the higher purity percentage means that you'll be using less of it for the same desired effect. For example, if you need to basify a solution with 49.5% NaOH, it will take twice as much of the 49.5% to achieve the same thing 1/2 the amount of 99% can. The prices for vastly different purity percentages are actually quite marginal. Save yourself some time and money and get the 99%.

Haven't toyed around with 5-meo-dmt conversions yet, so I can't really comment on your other question. Best of luck!
Do what you gotta do.
Use the purest NaOH you can find.
Foodgrade is best for obvious reasons.
Dont forget it dissolves way less in ethanol. 100g in 720ml of ethanol.
So you might need lots more or maybe water down the ethanol because in water 100g dissolves in 100ml.
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