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solubility question.. isopropyl alcohol / acetone

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my cat is rather experienced with the solubility extraction used on salvia d. but is wondering if this tek is applicable for mimosa h.. (after writing all this i realize this tek wouldn't work verbatim seeing as salvinorine is insoluble in naptha, but dmt is) it goes something like this: initial pull can be done with either acetone or iso.alcohol. powdered material is soaked and agitated in 99% isopropyl alcohol for 24+ hours. alcohol & material is filtered and the alcohol is poured into large flat pyrex dish and covered, repeat pull step 2 more times let dish set for 24 hours. alcohol is poured off, fallen out sediment is cleaned out and discarded. step is repeated until nothing else settles in the dish. then the alcohol is evaporated. tarry gooey remaining material is scraped up w/ a razor and is washed with naptha: add the material to naptha, stir. let set till nothing else settles in the bottom. pull all the naptha off the top trying not to disturb the material in the bottom. discard naptha. add more naptha and repeat till the naptha doesn't pull much color. pull off the final wash. dry the remaining material in pyrex dish. scrap. refine further if u feel it necessary. -amazing how slow logic gets when you've been up hours past your bedtime. now.. correct me if i'm wrong. -which i surely am- if dmt is alcohol soluble/ would this work? one pulls it will ipa. evaps, and dilute & freezes in naptha and filters while cold. would this work? any and all info/comments would be greatly appreciated.
ah ha, ty! acetone a no go. now i have a slight reason to believe it s soluble in 99%ipa. my cat cleaned his pipe with it. did a mighty fine job. it didn't pull the char-stains, but it pulled everything else. now, wither or not the dmt was still dmt after that is beyond my cats knowledge.
Really? Ok, since SWIM has still not located proper naptha he is attempting a pull with "petrolium naptha" home hardware brand paint thinner... it is currently in the freezer, though he is aware he may have to evaporate (he is using STB and added his first 100g of bark to lye solution before he was advised against using this solvent if possible, so it has been sitting for upwards of a week... he hopes this does not influence his yield too much). So, if SWIM finds his petroleum naphtha solvent ineffective, could he strain out and acidify his soup, then try pulling to rubbing alcohol? What clean-up would be necessary if he tried? Is the salt at all usable (orally, perhaps) or would he need to redissolve in clean acid, basify, evap, and ammonia wash? If he were to attempt this, would trying toluene pulls for jungle spice first sod things up?
It is soluble in IPA as a freebase as well. I saw with my own eyes 1g of orange spice dissolve slowly with agitation in somewhere between 5ml and 10 ml of room temperature IPA.
Good to know. The freebase is probably soluable in acetone too, but theres no way of separating it from the aqueous. A while back, Vortex was messing around with a STB that used acetone in the basic solution and was then extracted with naptha. He gave up when he found out that acetone forms a few nasty by products when mixed with a strong lye solution.
A non-polar solvent means just that - no 'charge' at all on the molecule. Naphtha is a nonpolar solvent, like toluene and DCM. Most alcohols are polar and will mix with water. IPA will not be good to extract dmt-freebase. Water at pH 2- 4 is used as a polar solvent to dissolve dmt-salt - I can't see any use for IPA in an extraction. Acetone is less polar but I don't believe it's considered a real "non Polar" solvent either.
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