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Some interesting growth strangeness

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OK fellow Nexian Mycologists - let's see who weighs in on this and the theories that are floated.

Weeks ago (beginning of November) I shot up a bag of rye with a Pan Cyan syringe. I got some growth but bc temps in my house are kinda cold I assumed the bag stalled. For giggles I crushed it to see how far into the bag the mycelium went and then because I assumed the bag had stalled and out of curiosity I shot some penis envy spores into it, thinking nothing would happen.

So then about a week later I noticed that the Pan mycelium had recovered and was starting to spread across the grain, but ALSO the penis envy spores had started to colonize the top of the grain bag. Quite odd.

So the question I pose is this - what is ultimately going to happen to this bag? Will the whole thing contam when the 2 types of mycelium meet? Will the Penis Envy mycelium take over? What are the odds that I'll actually be able to spawn this and grow something out of it.

First pic is the pan mycelium, second pic is the penis envy on top.

Let the debate begin!


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Best case they reach an equilibrium with a visible border and are both healthy and able to fruit later.

Worst case they start a war, develop thermonuclear weapons, and destroy the world.

If anyone can avoid war and live in love and harmony it has to be magic mushrooms, so I'm thinking best case. That whole mutually assured annihilation thing is reserved for a special kind of disfunctional stupid smart monkey.
Amphiprion said:
That first shot does not look good at all.. I would say its contaminated and should be removed from the grow area...

First shot is pan cyan (goliath) and it was perfectly healthy. I did another crush on the bag a few days ago and the cube mycelium has clearly taken over. I'm going to take it through to fruiting but do a thinner substrate and use a casing layer and see what happens... Positive no pans will come out, but it'll be an interesting experiment nonetheless...
OK, so I did a crush (shake) on the bag on 1/7 and the re-growth has been quite odd. It's not as voracious as cube myc tends to be. The bag is re-colonizing in very odd patches - almost seems like there is still some pan cyan mycelium going in addition to the cube mycelium. And if you look at the last pic you'll see a neon yellowish/orange metabolite. There's definitely some contam of some sort going on in there, but the mycelium continues to grow.


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