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somebody was there

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Hello to everybody...

good to be here....greetings from Berlin, Germany.
So this is my first post.
Before I tried DMT for the first time I used to take mushrooms for about 10 years. Mainly in summer and outdoor. I had great experiences and never a bad one.

First time DMT is 3 weeks ago. I started with small doses.
Some days ago I had my most "strongest" experience.
After vaping 30 mg (I guess my vaping technique is not that good yet) I became part of my room. The view was a bit like when you see the earth from space on TV but the viewing field seemed to me like a 240 degree panorama.

Then suddenly I felt the presence of somebody.
I had my eyes open all most of the time...
This presence got stronger like someone is approaching to you...First I only felt it in my head/mind....
After 1 min or so it was like someone (male) is in front of me. But I did not see anybody.
I started to feel uncomfortable and fear came up.
Felt helpless.
I tried to relax.
Then I started to ask questions (I did not speak...just in my mind):
How are you? Do I have to be afraid? I would like to get to know you! Can I come with you?
The more curious I got the better I felt. Like the more I allowed the closer he came. When I blocked he went back.

For some days I could not think of anything else.. It was really strange to deeply feel the presence of someone without seeing him. (btw: He did not say a word nor was there any other voice or sound.)

Has anybody had an experience like this?
I had a DMT journey where I had made the intent to make contact with anything in hyperspace. Any entity that was willing to talk with me. I really focused on this concept. I wanted contact! Well... I got it. It was not at all what I expected.

I was in a space that seemed endless. It felt like a room that went on and on. It was lit from an unseen source. The environment was crystalline. The walls seemed to be alive and almost breathing. Here I was in this weird place and I felt a presence, much as you described. AT first it was just the feeling of something or someone being in this odd room with me. Then I saw a figure ahead of me.

I felt as though I was being propelled toward this figure. It was shape like a human. As I began to move toward this being I started to have second thoughts on my intent to make contact. I was almost in a panic. I calmed my mind and became more curious than afraid. I was nervous for sure but ok with what I was headed toward.

I was feet away from this human figure. All I could see what the back of this figure. I felt as if when I turned to look at it's face it constantly would turn around, always only seeing the back of it's head. Slowly it turned around. I was in shock at what I saw. It was me!! It was me!! I was in total disbelief! I could not wrap my head around it. This was not a reflection as if it were a mirror. It was me but completely separate being standing in front of me.

I stared at myself for a short time and it said "You can talk you know?". It, well, me, said this so calmly that it instantly set me at ease. Do you know what I said back? "I know.". That was it, that was all I could muster to say for some reason, "I know.". I then began to feel my hands and body and was being brought back as the DMT had runs it's course.

It is funny to me now! I asked for contact and got it and all I could say was 'I know'. So strange. Such an odd experience. I still don't know what to make of that DMT experience. It sticks in my head and I have no idea what it was all about. So... I just laugh about it! It is pretty dang funny!

Anyhow... not sure if that is similar to how you felt but I did feel like it was relatable in some form. I have had other contacts since then. I usually feel like I have full on conversations and then after cannot remember what was said. It is like sand going through my fingers. The more you try and grasp it, the faster it falls away. Just like a dream slipping away after waking.
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