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Somehow collecting the phalaris threads and putting them into one place? They seem a bit scattered..

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Recently we've had a few newcomers interested in Phalaris, as well as another thread being active with regular members.

But I kinda have a weird feeling about it, like its a bit scattered.

What do you all think, is it fine, or should we move them closer together somehow?

Any ideas? :)
I was thinking of creating a subforum for it, like we have for so many other things, so its easier to see on the main page (like announcements). Or maybe a branch at one of the subforum, thats still visible in the main page (like suggestions below announcements).

I'll start collecting all the threads I Can this weekend.
Dozuki said:
Would it make sense to have a 'Grasses' sub forum?
I'd be all for it.

Seconded. We have questions about various genera of grasses - Festuca, Lolium and Digitaria spring immediately to mind, followed by Elymus/Agropyron.
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