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soxhlet extract on mhrb

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i am thinking of adapting 69ron's tek to use a soxhlet in the beginning to extract as much acetate as possible. feel free to move/let me know where else to post i know this is kind of an advanced topic but i am still a new member.

what i was thinking was using vinegar in the soxhlet extraction first, to get a concentrated vinegar/dmt acetate solution. then make concentrated CaOH solution and add to vingear/acetate mix till no more precipitate is seen coming out. let settle over night and decant (hopefully) pretty clear water. add distilled water back to based alkaloids to dissolve excess CaOH. let settle and repeat decant/add water/settle until pH of water is ~7. dry until all water is gone. wash dry goo/crystals with dry IPA to dissolve freebase spice. evaporate IPA.

my end goal is full spectrum freebase jim jam.

my current thinking is that it may require 1 or 2 more A/B washes to make sure oils/extra stuff isn't still there. could this be a substitute to using a non-polar solvent to "de-fat"? although also i read here that usually defat isn't needed for mhrb. also a way to basically do q21q21 tek without limonene if you have a soxhlet?

i have successfully performed q21q21 dry tek to yield acetate + adapted FASI to freebase full spectrum jim jam several times. but am looking to make it quicker/possibly higher yielding, and avoiding having to use more limonene. i prefer the full spectrum right now and want to keep everything mostly food safe, no naptha/lye/xylene/etc.
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