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SPICE to be made class B

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So on my way to work today, i pick up my paper to read, and i come across this smokable herb called spice. Apparently it gives similar effect to smoking MJ. So now they looking to make it a class B drug in the UK.

Anyway, i had a good giggle to myself when i read this.

Anyone know what this is?? If not, il pop down to my headshop and sample some.


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That stuff certainly aint my cup of tea. It's way more stoney than MJ, less happy and lasts far too long. I actually feel crap the day after having just one joint of this.
Yup, the spice product was analysed by a german company and found to contain the synthetic substance JWH-018 which has activity on the cannabinoid receptors. People just got curious because the "spice" product was really making you stoned, red eyes included and no combination of herbs or legal herbal highs could account for the effect.

Now JWH-018 and the "spice" product are illegal in germany, I guess it was a matter of time for other countries to follow.

SWIM has tried the product and it does make you stoned. But just "stoned" instead of "high". And it can last for longer. Its price is not very agreeable either.
Spice is surely expensive and hard to get at that. But go to a online headshop like everyonedoesit.com and they have tons of spice knockoffs labeled as herbal incense. They all have the basic JWH-018 and are relatively cheap. Were talking like $10 or less a gram. Not bad for a legit MJ alternative
The long lasting effect of spice is due to the synthetic compounds CP47, 479, JWH-018 isn't that long lasting. Most "incense" sold in Germany now has other compounds in it, such as JWH-073, Oleamid and others. Quite interesting in effect and feel is "Magic Silver", which I personally prefer to MJ, lasts about the same time as the latter, but gives a very nice slightly trippy buzz. With more than 7 Euros per gram, it is not exactly cheap though.
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