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Spiritual intentions

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Hi everyone. Well I can't say that I'm not excited that an entire community exists for this particular psychedelic. I recently got around four hits or so of the spiritual molecule and I am going to be taking it sometime during Christmas break. However, I've gotten almost nothing but discouragement from various people. People saying "That shit ain't for play and it ain't even that great" and "Don't take it", and it was just very bizarre. I've been wanting to experience Dimitri for around 4 years now, and also I've been getting more in-tune with my person instincts, intuition and consciousness over the last few years. Finding symbolism in so many things, I feel like an ego-death is the final step in my first journey before the next one begins. So the immediate reason I joined this community right now was to simply ask and read advice on the best ways to take it, the best environments to be in and in general to get information from those who know the most about it. The long-term reason I joined this community was because I wanted to be able to discuss, share and read my experiences once I actually have the experience for myself. Very glad to be here and looking forward to chatting with the community!
All you need to listen to is the divine neurotransmission that erupts from vaporized molecules, unveiling the other octaves of frequencies swarming around you symphoniously...

All the rest...the cars, the humans, the birds, the earthquakes,
are just here to house these moments.

We grow to bloom...welcome to the Nexus :]
welcome! magic awaits.

silent darkness works well always, especially for first explorations. some like music, but some find it distracting. i'd go for silence at first because DMT has some wild audio stuff going on. i get a lot of hilarious cartoon sounds - "boing! blip! ping!"

i'm waiting for a temperate day to begin my outdoor daytime nature journeys. it's been unusually cold here lately.

good luck in your travels. i'll be interested to hear how it goes.
Also just be aware smoking and taking it orally produce totally different trips (according to swims travels). Swim had a hard time bringing much back after smoking, so he tried the oral route and it was literally the most profound experience of swims life. So just do your research, and dont rush into it, Swims sure youll be rewarded. Its not as important what your doing, its why your doing it.
Preparation on all levels will ensure the safest, most productive, and rewarding experiences.

Some things to consider:

Environment: will you be undisturbed? do you need a sitter? do you have everything in the immediate environment secured for your comfort?

Body: some people refine food/substance intake before a journey, especially an oral one, for both health and spiritual reasons.

Mind: SET AN INTENTION!! (most important!) Also, any mental disturbances, anxiety, recent arguments with other people, whatever--it's best to clean all that up before a journey, so you aren't forced to process it during a journey in the form of a potentially challenging/terrifying experience. A clean slate will bring a clear experience...

Spirit: quiet/nature time is my way of settling down, listening to my heart, and getting into the right frame of mind for a journey.
Hi guys, I'm back. Well I had tried smoking very yellow, very small amounts of power via a bowl. The first time I accidentally dropped most in the snow, I was very high and I wasn't in the right frame of mind to take it anyways. The second time I was very chilled out and smoked some of it, and my friend said he could smell it. I definitely was having 'a psychedelic experience' except it was incredibly mild. Very surreal feelings but no hallucinations or lifted states of mind. I'm convinced that I took too little, or I didn't breath it in right, or perhaps it wasn't DMT? I got it from someone who knew the difference between 5-DMT (whatever that is called) and I can't remember specifics but it just really felt this guy knew his stuff.

I'm sitting here debating, well, when I go back home for summerbreak, since I did enjoy that second experience even though nothing really happened -- it felt like a 'taste/sampling' -- I was planning to just go all out and smoke a lot of it at once so I could actually experience something otherworldly and mind-blowingly profound. I'm at a great point in my life in terms of self-realization -- I'm very content with who I am, what life means to me and all this -- so especially now I feel very content to take it to the next level.

I was going to ask if this is advised, or is it possible that this could have been something else? It definitely lasted very quickly, which was the number one indicator (to me) that it was most likely DMT. It was just very yellow powder. I was about to just ask if anyone lives nearby to my location, and then maybe try and get in contact and have an experience. I figured that it might be a good idea to take it orally because that seems like a much more controlled and definitive experience, but what would really ease my mind is if I just knew someone in real life who knew all about this and made it themselves. Is there anyone here who lives in Pennsylvania who would want to contact me and give me a great first experience with DMT?

My next question is the following: During a very intense experience with the substance, what is going on with your physical body, in particular, your voice? Are you yelling, talking to yourself, etc?
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