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After lurking and reading tons about DMT over the past months (and years actually), I recently extracted some. So far I've had four attempts at breakthrough, with my most recent (tonight) being the strongest by far. However, in spite of this, I'm still confused as to how close I've come to a "full" breakthrough...

First of all, I'm using a machine that I made and I think I'm vaporizing the DMT properly (although I did burn some on my second long toke since by that point I was having a hard time positioning the flame properly relative to the bowl!). So, I *think* I'm getting enough DMT in me for a breakthrough. I packed my pipe with nearly 100mg this time just to be sure (though I didn't manage to vaporize it all; had to put down the pipe)!

After I put down the pipe and close my eyes I'm presented with the most awesome visuals (swirly fractally patterns) and the sense that I'm in the pretense of this female jester (this has been consistent in my 4 experiences). I'm definitely disconnected from this reality and feel like I'm stuck in some insane vibration (for lack of better words to describe it). It's totally weird, but also good. I don't feel like myself in this state. Tonight this lasted for at least 5 minutes (probably more) until I finally opened my eyes and was back.

The thing that confuses me based on reading other reports, etc: Once I open my eyes, I have minor mushroom-like visuals (in some ways but not exactly) for about 5 minutes (if that) and then I feel almost 100% sober, like it was all a dream, and it's gone. Does that mean that I haven't vaporized nearly enough? From what I understand the after-effects are supposed to last at least 20 minutes, right?

I must say that I find the DMT experience totally bizarre so far. But I want more. :)

Thanks all.
How long the after effects last all depends on the person/dosage/inhalation/method of consuming. DMT may just be broken down more quickly in your body. but 10-20 minutes sounds about right
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