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Staying "Under the Radar"

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Being relatively new to this whole universe, I have not been around when MHRB wasn't watched closely. All of our source plants seem widely and readily available, which is a bit confusing and a little dangerous. I understand it's not possible to know for sure, but does anybody have a good idea or educated guess as to what is watched more and what is watched less? Any ideas are good, but I am mostly speaking to DMT source material.

Is chacruna less watched than MHRB? Is ACRB less watched than MHRB?
Although there would be no financial records, is growing your own really more safe, as it's on your property constantly?
Although it is legal, is caapi watched?

Thanks for any constructive comments!
I think that technically any purchased plant material can be grounds for getting into trouble with oppressive governments.

The less you buy and the more obscure the plant the less risk. Also, not shipling across country borders lowers the risk I think. Risk is there though.

Getting your own seeds and growing your own plants is considered the safest. It is also personally rewarding and sustainalbe, so this is a good option in my oppinion.

As long as some governments insist on oppressing personal private choices individuals make accessing nature as we have done for millennia, there is a risk. The government actions are irrational and lack a moral basis in my opinion, but the risk is there.
I think it is safer to use acacia confusa, than mimosa or chacruna. Acacia confusa is used in traditional chinese medicine. Especially if you would also order some ginseng or green tea along with it, then i think the package sent to you will not raise any suspicion.

Grasses (like phalaris) are absolutely the safest plant source as they probably grow in abundance right where you happen to live, but i don't know how difficult they are to work with. Check the phalaris threads here.
This very much depends on country you live in.

My country's gov focuses on cannabis and metamphetamine so other substances are basically under the radar, I bet most officers have not even heard about Mimosa.

Our gov closed and seized entire grow shops for "spreading toxicomania by selling drug paraphernalia" only to sell it later on auction sites :x

If you live in EU, find a good discreet vendor, use cryptocurrency and make a cover story (e.g. I use it as clothing dye or for my pet snake eggs, if you have some ofc).

I like reading books about clandestine drug manufacture since they are made for USA, which is much more strict about drugs than our country (we don't have money for bureaus like DEA which can afford all the sniffing dogs and helicopters with infrared cameras).

So don't be too paranoid but be careful also. Of course use encrypted messengers and if you really have to talk about your "hobby", keep it only to trusted friends, note that every new person knowing increases your exposure almost exponentially.

I have at least four relatives and friends who are policemen, luckily one of them likes to trip with me and grows her own poppy plants 8)
Thanks for the discussion, all. I know that all of our source plants are illegal in most countries, and of course agree that it's ridiculous for our governments to impose these laws on plant medicines that any of us show have the ability to access.

I'm merely wondering about ways for all of us, particularly those newer to this, to keep ourselves and the way of life for everybody else. I have read the whole Phalaris thread, and it seems difficult to work with, and the types that have any usable amount of DMT aren't necessarily found everywhere. Still, it's a path to explore. I believe I will grow one of the more suitable types of Phalaris in the next couple of years, and just may try my hand at P. Viridis because I seem to have a connection with it.

Thanks all, and keep up the good work!
Always take the proper precautions whether or not its "watched". These days everything is. Remember, its not some cop sitting at a computer, its algorithms, data-mining companies and spy agencies that share information across borders in this corrupt drug war that the USA has exported to the world.
MachienDome said:
Always take the proper precautions whether or not its "watched". These days everything is. Remember, its not some cop sitting at a computer, its algorithms, data-mining companies and spy agencies that share information across borders in this corrupt drug war that the USA has exported to the world.

Exactly. Am I on a "list"? Sure. Is that list to the point where an actual person has seen it yet? Prolly not.

I've been reading here for years but am late to the game as to joining and participating a bit. I wish I'd bought some MHRB years ago, but didn't. I won't order it now due to security concerns. So, I've never experienced DMT (I've doe a bunch of 5-Meo) When the time comes, it will happen. At my age, I'm satisfied with dabbling in other sandboxes for the moment.
A Single Step said:
My understanding is that MHRB is legal in the US unless you have the intent to use it for doing something illegal. Is that correct? If so, how is customs and border protection able to seize it, as they trumpet on their website?

They can (essentially) do whatever they want. Will it stand up in court is another question. If the bark is for a church I wonder if they would even try to fight that case.

Edit: The DEA is a powerful institution that "believes" psychedelics have no medical value. They are doing whatever they want and ignoring/downplaying scientific research and the knowledge from other cultures to retain all their power and funding. Unfortunately they have hurt and are hurting a lot of people outside their organization, for example those who could have benefited from physchedleic assisted therapy years ago, those arrested for seeking a relationship with sacred plants, etc.
I once ordered 5g of dry iboga bark in Canada, and my bank account was later frozen. It was pretty damn stressful. If you order this stuff dont assume you are flying under anyone radar. You take the risk.
No. It was not a customs issue. My bank was notified before that. I know you can secure that stuff better, but personally I am paranoid now and do not really trust it. It feels like a gamble even if odds are for you.
Loveall said:
A Edit: The DEA is a powerful institution that "believes" psychedelics have no medical value. They are doing whatever they want and ignoring/downplaying scientific research and the knowledge from other cultures to retain all their power and funding. Unfortunately they have hurt and are hurting a lot of people outside their organization said:
Exactly. The DEA is making drugs illegal on their own. The just say, "You can get high on it, it should be illegal." without any showing of dangers or problems.

I realize that some designer drugs like Fentanyl shoul be illegal, but who's to say that one of the many psychedelic RC's isn't the perfectly safe perfect drug, even from the uninitiated's standpoint. Obviously safer than alcohol.

When did they become courts and judges instead of an enforcement organization? It's as if regular cops could just make up laws they thought were right.
I'm not going to comment on how to do sourcing or anything and i'm arguing against it however

Learn more about cybersecurity, even if you don't know much about computers or privacy. Specifically for the community surrounding drug forums it would be more important to use TOR than something like mozilla firefox or Brave and opening a private Brave with TOR window (it's important to actually use the TOR browser instead!).

Use a VPN. Brave doesn't have a built in VPN on MAC and Windows and instead uses a feature called TOR which is an encrypted network that hides your IP. On Iphone and Android Brave does have a VPN. You will need to research which of these are better and maybe someone with more experience can comment on that but I'm not majorly knowledgeable with internet privacy and cybersecurity and I just have some basic understanding of how it's important to everyone to protect their own privacy from their employer, government, and databrokers.

Don't click on embedded video's like embedded youtube video's because that can track your activity, even in some instances where you are still taking measures to protect yourself. It gives Google that information and that can be sold to third parties like a data broker such as Lexis Nexis. (I actually need to edit a few posts and remove links to youtube and replace them with something like titles)

Go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's website at EFF.org and read all over the website. Check out the whole website and over a few weekends you can start to understand the consequences of data and privacy. Maybe if you want volunteer to do some good if that's your choice. I learned about EFF from DemocracyNow around the repeal of Roe vs Wade and it became more pertinent for medical providers to protect their security due to legal ramifications. Regardless EFF is awesome. They even have a lot of tools, i'm posting a link but feel free to search on your browser instead. I'm not sure if that actually embeds a link? again, I know some basic measures but i'm not an expert in the field. Tools from EFF's Tech Team

HTTPS is also great.

That's just cybersecurity but I think you should consider growing plants rather than ordering raw material. Raw material is very unsustainable. Ordering root bark for example contributes to deforestation. Let's say that you order some Caapi vine or something, whatever. Well, you have no clue if that was sourced sustainably and there are no regulations or checks and balances for these kinds of things. How do you know that you've bought a product that caused the destruction of an endangered habitat? There's a bunch of greenwashing involved in a lot of ethnobotanical online shops too which is a spit to the face as far as i'm concerned I dislike being blatantly lied to. It's improbable to verify without looking at the carbon in the wood. (i'm not sure about the specific analytical methods but i'm going to share the title of a documentary from DW Documentary called "From rainforest to Charcoal" and just look it up)

There's times when you can't do much of anything or at least need more of an in depth knowledge of security to protect yourself. Just look into the Pegasus spyware made by the Isrealis government which can just exploit a little bug yet to be fixed in an update and install into your device without having to click on a phishing link. Scary. It may honestly be best to achieve enlightenment and non ordinary states without breaking laws in regressive countries.

Also, for most people living in the U.S. or China or otherwise leaving their country may only be accessible to privileged few. I would recommend weighing whether or not volunteering or activism is something that you can do and trying to make things better overall for everyone. If you find that the risks of that outweigh wanting to make a positive social impact then simply don't take on those risks. Don't use entheogens if it honestly puts you at risk. Protect yourself above all else

I'd like to note about cryptocurrency too. I'm no expert but here are the reasons why I don't use it or care for it: it requires a massive amount of electricity and power to mine cryptocurrency resulting in emitting a massive amount of methane. Hypothetically if we were already transitioned toward a completely renewable energy grid such as Wind, Solar, Nuclear Fusion (not fission! before anyone yells at me!) or etc. I would be with the whole bitcoin thing. The other reason is that it's rife with theft in some instances. I prefer to us regular banking with a credit union or with Atmos Financial (they only operate in the U.S. so if you live in another country you'll need to look into sustainable banking where you can). I also like to use both credit unions and atmos financial because it's nice to spread your portfolio around a little to access the services you may need

Finally keep things separate. Don't do a bunch of different searching while also reading on DMT Nexus or doing activism. Sometimes you can search in using a tab with DMTNexus open while just looking at a youtube video and youtube see's that as unusual traffic and blocks you from their site (and maybe flags you? I'm not sure, someone with more knowledge please comment)

That's all I have to say, please stay safe.
I'd like to chime in on some of the more philosophical statements about U.S. drug policy and enforcement organizations with respect to everyone.

So much of U.S. law is about redistricting the structure of who can vote and who cannot. Jim crow in the past and the more recent and current revitalization and bringing back of anti-voting laws is possibly where it all began. From there the U.S. just had to adapt to social reform after social reform to side-step a growing demand for social justice. Cannabis was outlawed as a means to incriminate liberals such as black panthers and hippies during the Nixon administration and continued as a means to retaining the control of power for decades. Jump ahead some years and look toward the growing anti-immigration sentiment which was also more about restricting who can and cannot vote. You can still see with anti-immigration, especially with people from Latin America, Haiti, Africa, the middle east, this attribution of an easy scape goat or fabricated accusation like being associated by, for, and from something like drug smuggling or gang related violence.

There's a lot of literature out there about all of this so feel free to go looking. Check out "The age of Surveillance Capitalism" by Shoshana Zuboff. "Harvest of Empire" by Juan Gonzalez is good too but is more about immigration and the relationship between U.S. and Latin America than cyber security. That has part of the picture. Check em out If you want and can

Edit: Also, read "Gangsters of Capitalism: Smedley Buttler, The Marines, and the making and breaking of America's empire" by Johnathan M. Katz if you want to generally learn more about the U.S. empire throughout the world which may coincide into understanding how the culture of U.S. war on drugs was exported globally

I still reiterate that RC's, raw material, all of that stuff is in my opinion unnecessary. And do TLC, reagent testing if you do use illicit substances. They have Fentanyl testing strips and are working on a vaccine that specifically binds to fentanyl receptors to prevent overdose and getting high from the narcotic. ALso illicit fentanyl is different from medical grade fentanyl in potency, adulteration, and purity. I have a family member who'd died from an overdose of heroin laced with illicit street fentanyl and it broke many hearts and souls of the affected family.

I would seriously just work with plants and basic psychedelics. Cannabis, Salvia's, Psylocybin mushrooms, Psychotria species like Viridis or Charth., growing acacia homegrown and using phylloids, and trichocereus cactus. Even if you got arrested by the FBI or DEA at least you didn't die from an RC overdose or designer drug.

And natural doesn't mean safe either. Just putting that in. Datura's natural. It's super dangerous though, probably comparable to playing with fentanyl so yeah. I'll still vouch for my personal list of substances which can provide what we all want and with less negative impact

I've made a lot of mistakes in the past with sustainability and doing stupid behaviors and I regret them and have changed behaviors or made the effort to with trial and error. It's unfortunate that misconception and flaw can be so natural to human behavior
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