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STB is pretty awesome (Recrystallization pic)

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Oh my God... Beautiful!! The first one are indeed a lotus with a thousand petals, also known as Sahasrara or the crown chakra. Simply wonderful!
thescottandrew said:
Yes, the first pic were crystals that evaporated from heptane at room temp for 4 days. The others were from evaporating at room temp for 12 hrs, then 24 hrs at 3 C, and 24 hrs at -16 C. I will definitely use the first procedure from now on.

wow thanks for the values... as i was thinkin temperature and time :) in summer its faster evap but in winter much longer i already noticed... thanks for info about temperature, i guess i need to use my thermometer next time and experiment evaporating in different temperatures
elofer bows in admiration to you thescottandrew!!!
truly a wonderous sight!!! that image will be in my mind for some time I imagine!!
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