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Still Cant believe this was my first time...

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Hey nexus

Been on a kick writing stuff and thinking bout past experiences so I thought I'd write a trip report on the first time I smoked dmt.

First time writing a trip report so bare with me.

This was a time in my life where I was longing for smoked dmt

Longing!!! For a long time, few years. Mind you I've had a few aya experiences. But they didn't take me to hyperspace and I was wanting an out of body full gone experience.

I had only one prior a few months earlier on accident thinking I could eye up some 4-aco-dmt...
Let's just say I Ended up in the ER... Story for another day lol

Me and my best buddy Conner were hanging out talking bout psychs dmt and other trippy topics I then realised I had a point(100mg)for each of us of some pure white dmt crystals.. I couldn't believe it today was the day..i would know what it's like to do what I've read of soo much, I read it all heard it all now I would experience.

Having no where to do it us living in our parents at the time parked in a lot (I know dumb) behind a bar he worked we knew it to be safe and secluded.

We have some weed to do the sandwich method..we decide to just go for it with the full point :)
It's Conner's first time as well.
Conner goes first.. Smokes..goes..on return he says OMG man There's nothing to worry about there right there waiting for you ohh man glowing.

I ready my self not knowing what to expect. I've done dmt countless times now and almost always have fear to let go and smoke..but this time I was not I didn't yet know the weight of what i was about to get...no words can prepare you... Tho Terrance did very well.. No words..

Its a beautiful sunny day with white fluffy clouds in the sky...i smoke one hit,two hits,maby a third..cant remember the carrier wave and guttural noises keep rising till it ripped me apart.

At the same time I begin to feel all sensations a human body can feel one after the other very rapidly.. I became water, ice, fire, rock, mental,air and more.. It was like my senses were short circuiting, synostecia of every kind was present.

This was all in an instant all at once. One by one my barriers start to shut down in the exact order described in the Bagavhad gita what makes me me my ego was being stripped the last was my heart stopped.. I was dying... I thought of my mom and brothers and said I'm sorry I couldn't not die.. But I am..

My spirit rose out of my body out the crown.. From here on out its a classic NDE
A river of light carried me up, it felt soo calming and inviting. I let go and died

I was now one with the light.. In that moment it was as if I woke from a dream.. All my sadness at my loss and death was now the best joke ever.. This place I thought.. I'm home.

I've always been here, I am always the one ,the light.
Life is just a dream that seems really real, till you wake up and remember your god..
I was the God head, time was no longer liner it was all flowing in on it self,all at once.
I could see ever moment that has been and all that will be.
It's all made up of love...this universe.

I've never had a trip like this again. This resembled a 5-meo trip alot more than an nndmt trip. Every other time I've done dmt it's been so visual but not this time.. Just light.

This trip changed my life and confirmed man beliefs I have regarding reincarnation and Hinduism as a whole. Soo great.
To this day I can't believe this was my first time OMG it's still the most spiritual moment I've ever had with direct conversation with the mother being a close second :) man ohh man..

Thanks for reading guys. Love you all
Hare Krishna
Are you sure it was really DMT and not 5-MeO-DMT?

I personally haven't yet even broken through with DMT, so cannot share some experiences in this regard. But I heard quite some stories from people smoking DMT, having such a similar experience. Usually when they did quite high doses.

But I'm sure the more experienced people will chime in, and share their knowledge...
Could be dose ya, I dont usually load up a whole point. I've smoked various types of dmt goo,acacia,mimossa and suspect they have different affects.
I'm pretty sure it was nn cause Conner had a normal colorfully nn dmt trip.

I've had other super far out breakthroughs but nothing like this.

Thank you for sharing your experience! However, please be sure to review the attitude page and edit your post accordingly:

Attitude Page said:
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I think all of the luminous thought forms (emotionally charged spirits in our arua, whatever) we cultivate are our own alchemical distillations, what we think is wisdom of the divine before exploring that hyperspace level, and that when we see it all from the new 'behind the veil' perspective, those thought forms contrast with a new recognition of our living message (the recognition of the self briefly on the 3rd level of consciousness making a more closer approximation of the phi ratio), then changing the thought forms we intentionally cultivate, and that if we clear the mind to create space for our divine creative genius to step in (I mean literally), this being of light may begin to communicate more directly. Or who knows maybe it's not typically personified.

The tough part is I guess that I'm trying to describe a visionary next level using ego terms that bind us in this very level of awareness. To put it all another way I think we get the experience we need to further our interpersonal alchemy, and if we care enough to bring discipline such as types of meditation and yoga such as picturing white light as in the1st bardo, focusing on one point only such as dharana or clearing the mind as in dyana (solvet coagula), breathwork, right speech (all the 8 limbs of yoga really), etc, then we can begin to have more focused clarevouyant type potential. This is just my own thought, and I mean I have a lot more, nobody asked! Haha

In the end we still really have no proof save our own convictions from our investment into this exploration of what it is that's going on in this universe really, which is why I am modifying my beliefs to settle only for not limiting and open ended descriptions about what the heck is going on here. Definitely something, isn't it!

So many factors go into the experience, and it's nice to participate in a session when the person sharing and facilitating puts effort into making the space comfortable and beautiful, uncluttered, a safe space. In longer ayahuasca and other medicine ceremonies there are many luminous light forms that may trade your ego for your attention, maybe that's indirect.

When communicating directly with 'my genious' I put words to what he communicated on his window of visual thought forms, and this ego based words did not remove me from any vision, in fact in this case I wasn't having one exactly. The entity was right there in the room with me as if this was perfectly normal. It was understood though that his preferred method of communication was using this visual 'animistic' language, whereas with experiences I traded my ego for any question of "where am I in this" would immediately start the process back to my body in my regular state of awareness.

Back to what I was saying before about the sacred safe facilitated space: even if you lose your body for just a flash, focus on that flash as you would a mantra, seeing every detail, and you will wake into it next time you trade your ego. This is called a yantra and the idea has long since fallen through the cracks in my opinion, for something that grounds us into that next level of divinity. With smoked DMT we just go right into (transcend the ego) one of these intuitive flashes, there are a multitude, we can even
create them. It's interesting to watch what happens when one is able to maintain a distinct focus. In this case you naturally had the focus of where you were at in your life.

thanks for sharing your experience bigflip, is that a 360 flip with a body spin? Skateboard trick? I wish you many beautiful epiphanies to come. Stay in the heart
Thanks for the awesome thoughts JAI love it.

I agree we get the experience what we need to progress our own alchemical process. And that we can gain more by careing to bring in a practice of some kind, I've found that to be true after integration of this one. I meditating on this white light often.

It most certainly is something!!! This whole thing.
Bigflip1991 said:
This place I thought.. I'm home.

I've always been here, I am always the one ,the light.
Life is just a dream that seems really real, till you wake up and remember your god..
I was the God head, time was no longer liner it was all flowing in on it self,all at once.
I could see ever moment that has been and all that will be.
It's all made up of love...this universe.

My experience, in essence, is reminiscent to yours. I experienced amnesia directly after the experience and have since failed to recover the in-between "plot" of what happened perception wise but I will always remember the message in which I returned to these hyper-intellectual beings of Design... Happy for you Bigflip, I hope that experience colors your daily life with rich texture :thumb_up:
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