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Hey peeps,

Is there someone out there who had problems with storing 5-meo-DMT or in other words who had a great success with long-term-storage?

I had thrown my 5-meo (air tight sealed/ light protected and desiccant equipped) boxed in the freezer...

Because of the "short" shelf-life I've come across on different sources on the web I decided to take further researching and came across this post

Shelf Life / Sigma-Aldrich quote

For sure I could just test it to answer my question, but I wanted to discuss/ ask for opinions about the storage of 5-meo in general?!
I'm a bit afraid of having destroyed it to some degree now?
Sigma-Aldrich advised 2-8°C for storage... :cry: :?:

edit : it's salt form (probably oxalate )
I think it will very likely be fine, particularly if it's in salt form, but if Sigma-Aldrich specifically recommended storing it at 2-8°C, I'd store it in the fridge from now on to play it safe.
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