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strange LSD

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so...a friend of mine got some acid...and its really good...but there is an issue...hes taken lots of acid and has noticed differences with different blotter...anyway....this acid..lasts for like 24 hours...on everyone that has tried it...off of one hit...now he has had RC blotter before..which was a DOB or DOM...it took about 3 hours to kick in...and then was extremely edgy...and not that nice but lasted a long time...this acid is very smooth and enjoyable...easily handled...soft...he said he could feel it start working almost immediately after putting the dose in his mouth...same with everyone else...

now does anybody know of another drug that fits that? it feels like acid...it just lasts forever... which is wicked sweet..but its just odd...he is use to it only lasting like 6 hours from one hit...and this is just completely different...its the strangest acid he says hes tried...it boggles his mind...so if anybody has any thoughts on what could be going on here..he would love to hear what you think
ive tried researching anything that fits that profile but nothing fits quite like that
ALD-52 supposedly breaks down into LSD when it gets in your body..similar to the way psilocybin breaks down into psilocin..

i mean....from what i hear...the trip is absolutely lovely...very nice...it just lasts for a LONG time...and when something usually lasts that long...it takes a long time to kick in...but this is the opposite...it takes almost NO time...its the best acid SWIM has ever heard of really..
There are more LAD's and DO's.
I once started a thread on having a weird feeling in my throat, everytime i take tryptamines. Someone responded, that everybody has a 'tryptamine alert', everytime you take a tryptamine, you will notice some physical symptoms, like yawning or indeed a weird feeling in the throat.
If you (or this person who took the stuff) can identify your (his/her) tryptamine alert, at least you would be able to tell, whether it's a tryptamine or a substance in another category, like phenethylamine's (the most likely categorie it would fit in if it's not a tryptamine). If it's a tryptamine it is indeed very likely that it's a lysergic of some kind. If not, a DOx is the most likely other group it would be part of.
Some lysergics are stronger then LSD, so maybe the manufacturer put just way to much of it in this blotter, wich could if it is a lysergic, explain the duration. Although 24 hours ís very long for a lysergic.
its most certainly a tryptamine...SWIM has had lots of experience with Phen's and this doesnt have that edge to it like they do...SWIM could almost see it being ALD-52 but the one issue is that ALD decomposes into lsd very quickly...and this stuff hasnt changed one bit in the month or so that he has had it...

i talked to a few other people that had tried it..and they described it as very nice..even the next day..they felt really good and were still trypping slightly..and even the day after that they felt perfectly clear headed and nice..most phen's do not have this quality..

its very likely its a lysergic...just which one!?
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