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Strict Smoking Discipline

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My friend from brazil found it not very easy to smoke DMT. His lung volume is not the best and this is an understatement. He's not a smoker which makes it even harder for him to tolerate DMT Vapor. He's thinking about the best technique to smoke.

He's found out that in order to maintain the best effects, it's not only neccessary to smoke a sufficient amount, but also to do it in a "timely manner"..in other words: VERY QUICKLY.

He can't take huge hits, so he needs to develope a more "scientific" approach. Here are his thoughts on optimizing the smoking pleasure:

1. Use of very clean spice

To reduce the volume of irrelevant non-dmt vapor, clean Spice is neccessary. A smaller amount is needed for maximum effects. It also might reduce the harshness

2.Use of the best smoking tool

He's thought about using a small water bong "machine" style. The machine is said to make the vapor smoother and he pretty much agrees with this notion. A water bong cools the vapor and compresses it so it should be easier to smoke bigger hits.

3. Time management

It's crucial to inhale as much as you can before your lighter is suddenly miles below your pipe and you're trying really hard not to burn your forehead instead of the pipe. I would say that there is not much more than a minute of time before it gets too hard, especially if you keep inhaling.

My friend is now asking you for the right inhalation time! How long does he need to keep the water for a 100% absorbation? 5 Seconds is not enough. Maybe 10 ? 15? Anyone got data?

With 15 seconds, there is room for 4 tokes. I'm afraid that he won't launch into hyperspace with his small sized hits. So It might be a good idea to evalute if maybe 10 seconds is enough for a good absorbation. This would allow for 6 hits.

Any thoughts on how to develope a good smoking discipline? Will the water bong "machine style" bring success ?
Using a water bong with Brillo in the bowl, "machine style", is the smoothest method of smoking spice that I have ever tried!! make sure to get a dedicated bowl for spice!!
If your bong has a pull stem for the carb, just get a special stem/bowl for spice. One for weed, one for spice!!
I use a medium size bubbler (a weed pipe with a small stem & water chamber under the bowl).
I bought & use this pipe exclusively for spice.
I put a piece of Brillo in the bowl. Make sure you burn off the brass coating before putting it in the bowl!!! Pack the Brillo in the bowl tightly and melt all the spice into the metal mesh. Be very careful not to let it vaporise yet! Smoke like you would if there was herb in the bowl except you don't want to pull the flame down into the brillo!

This method works great!!! It is definitely the smoothest hitting device I've tried, and I've tried a ton of DMT smoking devices. This is the one I found to work best, at least for me!!!

Some people are going to tell you that using water filtering will cause the pH of the DMT to change or cause it to condense inside the pipe instead of you, messing up your dose.
Don't worry about it!!
Use room temp water, not cold and use just enough to make a few bubbles.
Don't pull the flame down into the brillo, at least until your last hit.
You just want to heat the brillo enough for it to vaporise the spice, you don't want to burn either of them.

I don't feel the vapor going down my throat at all, water filtering takes away the harshness and for me, the taste isn't as strong either using this method.

You are also correct about cleaner DMT being less harsh. Very correct!!!
The whiter/clearer your crystals, the more smooth it will hit!!
The nasty taste of the vapor gets much stronger though!!

Hold the vapor in as long as you can!!!!
Take only enough time between hits to catch your breath, then continue smoeking your dose.
Smoke it all or until you can't anymore!!
Don't be nervous, there is nothing to worry about!!!
Just hold the last hit in...........

obliguhl said:
With 15 seconds, there is room for 4 tokes. I'm afraid that he won't launch into hyperspace with his small sized hits. So It might be a good idea to evalute if maybe 10 seconds is enough for a good absorbation. This would allow for 6 hits.

I'm not sure I follow the 4-6 hits concept. For me, after one hit I'm well on my way. After I exhale, it only takes about 5-10 seconds for reality to start incomprehensibly melting and it catches me off guard each time. The times I've taken a second hit, I've planned it out, and If I don't have the pipe up to my lips a few moments after I exhale the 1st, and the lighter going, and inhaling on autopilot, forget about it. There's been times I've planned a 2nd, but didn't get it done. What do you consider a hit? For me it's a lungful of really thick heavy vapor, slowly vaporized and steadily inhalated in about 8 secs, say 35-50 mg, held in for about 5-10 secs. DMT? White crystaline powder. For me, I have yet to comprehend a third hit. (but I havnt met aliens yet either, but I've sensed an alien precense.)
SWIM is inexpirienced (just 4 times smoking without breakthrough yet) and he is useing this sort of "pipe".

It is an old tube from petrol lamp. The bottom (on right side of photo) have a lid with a hole in it. SWIM put his Spice inside, on the widest part of tube (SWIYs can se the "leftovers" on it), close the hole on lid with finger and start to heat the Spice. When SWIM cant see through glass from vapor forming, he move his finger from hole in lid and start to inhale while still heating spice. Hold it for about 10 seconds. While exhaling, SWIM start to heat the rest of Spice and repeat the process.
SWIM is still on 2 hits (one large, and one 50% smaller) which take him in DiMiTrys heaven):)

SWIM is still a chikken, little scared...but soon he will take 2 large hits and if there is time, the rest in the "pipe".
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