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strong smell of both vinegar and limone


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Dear fellow explorers

I´ve lately run into a bit of trouble with my new route of extraction.

I used to do the STB tek with Naphtha but recently changed over to D- limonene as my solvent of choice.

I still do an STB, add the limonene to the solution, mix for a certain time using a magnetic stirrer whilst heating the solution to the point of not wanting to touch it for extended periods of time.

I then suck of the solvent and add vinegar to this, again mix it thoroughly and then let it sit, suck then vinegar of the bottom and reuse the limonene.

However, after evapping for weeks, my remaining product still smells, and tastes, strongly like oranges with an added sour twist.

I´m after a full spectrum extract and don´t wish to reduce my product to glittering crystals.
Are you planning on keeping it in the acetate form? If you base and pull with dry ipa or acetone, that would likely get rid of a lot of the smell. Then you could add some FASW to convert to fumaric acid salt. evaporate all the water. and then wash with cold dry ipa or acetone to absolutely get rid of the excess smells.
When in vinegar, you can add small amount of warm liquid ghee (or warm it together in water bath), mix and let solidify the ghee by cooling and separate.
I use this technique and ghee is able to clean vinegar dmt solution from toluene very well, so should probably work also for limonene.
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