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Study on veridical aspects of OBE's - seeking survey feedback

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Hi peeps,

I'm sharing this on behalf of a psychologist friend (himself personally acquainted with the OBE), he has an online survey here and is interested in the reported veridical and verifiable aspects of OBE's. He is especially interested to hear back from OBE'rs who can self-induce their own experiences. Any feedback I know would be very much appreciated.

Hi all, I'm writing to ask for your assistance with sharing a research questionnaire I have developed to examine veridical perception in the OBE.

I'm aiming to collect responses from at least 500 participants, but the process has been rather slow, therefore any assistance you may offer with sharing to your wall/pages would be much appreciated.

The project is based on exploring the objectively verifiable aspects of OBE specifically rather than only the phenomenal/subjective attributes. My hope is that the results could be quite valuable for examining how ESP functions in the OBE state.

The project has been endorsed by RMIT university and the Australian institute of parapsychological research.

The URL to the preliminary survey can be located here:

Thank you for any assistance you might be able to offer. Finally -- if you know any OBErs personally who are able to self-induce their experiences I'd really appreciate if you could personally forward the questionnaire to them.

With gratitude, Alex De Foe.
Just completed the questionaire.

I've noticed that there are different kinds of OBE's. OBE's induced by classic hallucinogens such as DMT, are different from other types of OBE. I think that sensory overload plays an important role, when classic hallucinogens are taken. It's like there is so much information loaded into your brain, that you're simply no longer able to figure out how everything is related, to put all of the pieces together. A bit like with synesthesia, where it becomes hard to make the distinction between for instance visual or aural information. But to such an extreme extent that it becomes difficult to make ANY such distinction at all. When all the senses are blended, there are no boundaries anymore, no coherent picture of the body or the physical world.

That's different from an OBE induced by for instance N2O, where body and mind are temporarily dissociated.
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