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Sub break through

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Saturday evening I did my first trip in the presence of a baby sitter. My plan was to go deep but we all know how things go. Different than expected.

The first attempt ended in a shut out. After that me and the baby sitter spent one and a half hour talking. A second try followed. I loaded my GVG with yellow goo and started to vaporize.

The trip began with slow moving orange and white particles, incredibly bright, like in a mosaic and it changed into a pile of black lines and red dots.

The trip ended in an abstract sterile environment, as if someone made a pen drawing consisting of only a few straight lines and using few colors. Against this background I saw high tech alien looking creatures, each composed of only a deep black angular head and two very long tiny legs. Their two legs ended each in one massive perfectly shaped rectangular white block of stone, apparently their ‘feet’. All entities moved and turned around. After the trip I realized me that I have been here before. It must have been in one of those trips that end and not having any recollection of at that moment.

My baby sitter kept an eye on me and told me later that the inhalation took only 6 seconds and I kept the smoke in my lungs for 30 seconds. When I exhaled almost no smoke appeared so my lungs absorbed nearly all. He also recorded that the trip lasted 5 minutes and 38 seconds from exhalation to the disappearance of the visuals.

It was a sub break through and looking back on it, I cannot remember most of it. During the trip I once opened my eyes and my baby sitter and the room looked deformed. It certainly was a profound sub break through. And a beautiful one.
For me there are 3 basic levels of journey. Simplified of course but let's keep things simple.

Threshold / low: feels like medium dose of mushrooms. Everything takes on more significance, the world starts to warp and solids become more liquid, mild psychedelic headspace. Personally I really enjoy this experience. I can keep it going for some time with small hits of changa. Leaves me fifth a very positive afterglow.

Edge of brealthrough: very high vibrational state, carrier wave is deafening thoughts are very scrambled and sense of self begins desintegrating. Ifeel like I'm going to vibrate into a thousand pieces, very geometric cev moving incredibly fast. I feel like I'm about to pop and be born into something new, my whole being is going to collapse but then it just slowly fades away and I slowly drift into a normal state.

Breakthrough: I am born into a new universe.
i rarely see any kaleidoscopic patterns.

low does:
similar to a mild shroom dose. since i usually trip with some nice chill out music i get lost in the music but not too far
this lasts about 3 minutes for me. most of the times this is when i want to do more and would love a 2nd go

i had several occasions where i felt disappointed after such a trip. when i do a second attempt like you did after this i sometimes get very deep trips and mindblowing results, but sometimes it also just ends up dull, and makes dmt seem like "just another drug"

mid dose but not break through:
without any visuals or onset, i often meet entities, last time i met a girl i felt i know for ages and it was like we were playing as children until i realized she is only in my mind and she slowly disappeard.
i also met some strange aliens that performed surgery on my sole in this state. rally weird stuff happens here...
this lasts most of the times, for about 5 minutes so very similar to yours

and then there is a state i only occasionally reach, i have no idea if it is related to the dose but these are the times when i just dissolve in music and visual patterns
when my mind starts to rebuild itself there is usually a moment when i think to myself "i've done it i messed myself up to a point where there is no return"
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