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Sublingual tincture

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I’ve got some dried Sally leaves. I’ve read about reconstituting dry leaves first with water? I see this for quidding. Otherwise couldn’t I do 3x two day vodka soaks on dry leaves?

Salvinorium A is non-polar though? This suggests maybe acetone? However, my understanding is many people have tried smokable commercial extracts sublingually with no effect. Correct? I understand this suggests there is some other constituent(s) that would create synergy for sublingual administration.

Does anyone have experience making sublingual tinctures that could impart some knowledge? I’m not interested in quidding. I used to grow her and have quidded before. I want to create a sublingual tincture.
The commercial extracts used sublingually are debated. Sme claimed it worked, others not. Some claim it worked with a minimum work. exemple the Bublegum tek ( sublingual tek ), the pull with acetone, filter, evap, mix with saliva, and IR tek.
Many teks.
However what you gathered as information are exactly what is listed in sage wisdom site from Daniel Siebert.
Am I right in assuming you got all those informations on this website ( sage wisdom dot com ) ?
SLavinorin A is not soluble in water but we see we even have salvia tea tek..
what I would do is pull with acetone a part, filter and evap and mix with with some everclear or 90° min; ethanol whihc also pulle d previosuly some dried leaves.
and combine those extract to make a strong tincture but which isn't only salvinorin A.
I had great success long time ago with some tinctures. but other time not at all.
I do'nt like smoeking extract much, but smoking simple dried leaves is better already. Or vaping commercial extracts like in the GVG.

Many things to experiment there. I also saw a tek whihc call for some aspirin at some point. Maybe with glycerin. I shoudl try find it itssomewhere. Some also wer discussing using DMSO as solvent carrier.
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