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substitute naptha with acetone?

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hey i was wondering if i could substitute napthat with acetone? i have lab grade ....would naptha be better?....can you freeze precip those two, then finish drying with ebsom salt? or even without freeze precip, just drying, could i dry it with epsom salt? and how wouldl i do so? just trhying to figure out my own lil way of doing it and cleaning it up some...
Acetone is useless for a liquid to liquid extraction; will mix with your basic layer making just a mess. You need naphtha or some other n/p solvent.
Basicly the acetone is useless for this purpose because it mixes with your basified solution and doesn't seperate, wich makes it, let us say, rather difficult to pull. Go with n/p solvents on this one.
wwhat if i used sodium carbonate which im pretty sure is not soluble in acetone, for the original basifying, then pull with acetone adn freeze (im still learning, so bere with me
also i just feel that theres a wway to take lil parts of certqin parts of the teks and kinda make your own, or i could be wrong, thats what im trying to figure out
acetone mixes with water.. how are you going to get it out of your mix? it doesnt matter if sodium carbonate or whatever else was used

only way would be a dry tek.. check the wiki if you dont know what that is

and you couldnt freeze acetone, dmt dissolves too good in it, even at freezer temperatures nothing will come out
100g's MHRB and 25g's Sodium carbonate, mix well add a little water, dry completely then run acetone through the dry mix, then evap the acetone to yield a very potent but sticky mess.

That's the only way acetone can be used in this way and I hear that dry teks arent the best for mimosa extractions.
artaylor here is some simple chemistry lesson.

Water is whats known as a polar solvent. Naptha is whats known as a non polar solvent. Polarity has to do with how hard different atoms on a molecule pull on others (electronegativity etc). Anyway don't worry about the details.

Just remember that "like dissolves like". So non polar solvents like naptha hexane ether mix with one another. They don't mix with water (for the same reasons oil and water don't mix). Acetone is in the middle so it mixes with non polar and polar solvents (to a point). So if you use acetone as your non polar solvent it will mix with the basic water and it will not separate. Therefore you will have no way of separating your alkaloids from the basic water / acetone mix. Acetone and water mix you can't separate them in normal circumstances.

There are many ways to take good ideas from different teks and improve them. Chemists do this ALL the time. But only within the limits of what is possible and to know whats possible and practical it helps to understand some basic rules like acetone and water mix so then you decide not to use acetone in this situation. Sure you could try to invent some radical weird way to separate the two but its completely not worth it. There are much easier more practical ways.

Good luck and be safe.
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