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Summoning a Salutary Summary

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Well, good evening my friends. It's nice to finally consider myself a member of this place of refuge.

I'm not all that intelligent in the field of chemistry.
The best knowledge I have is relevant to plants, their contents, proper uses, dos and don'ts, what to expect, and anecdotal references for the scenarios an individual may experience should they partake of any particular (organic/natural) sacrament/entheogen... in hopes that the relevance of the anecdotal reports to the immediate yet temporary reality of the individual they are being provided for and can bring comfort during dire times and eventually lead to that individual getting the most out of their experience and not being pummeled by it.
This statement has no intention of replacing the need of a doctor, hotline, etc which I'm well aware is not my place to decide, this is simply one way I help when my role is to be a Sitter.

I've a handful of personal experiences as well, that better helps me to relate directly with others.. it wasn't long ago that I struggled to relate with most anything, but I am grateful for the humbling that has helped to lead me here and has also helped to revive a sense of community and bonding between myself and the world at large.

One thing I would like to verify is that all the above mentions are not a statement saying that this is how I will behave, converse, or attempt to influence anyone in any way, just an overall description of what I am best at.

I have a black thumb but hopefully, this will take on a green hue not too awful long from now. My experience with the conservation of these wonderful photosynthesizing friends will be logged, and I hope that myself learning from errors as well as successes will be of benefit to any and all others who would like to take on the role of a conservationist whether for themselves or humanity all together.

It's quite overwhelming to finally be a part of this.. beacon of knowledge and beauty, I feel like I'm trying to pour 300 gallons of water through a 2 inch wide funnel.

Well, I guess a TL;DR of me would be : Psychonaut, Conservationist, Sitter, Friend, Teacher and equally so.. Student.

Here's to new paths being paved, friends being made, and knowledge being shared.

Welcome AugmentedMentor!

What a great introduction you've crafted here...

Thanks for introducing yourself. Make yourself at home, browse the seemingly-endless amount of information and genuine, helpful guidance the Nexus provides for all of us, due to all of us being here.

I wish you the best of success in your upcoming botanical ventures!

May you find what you're looking for here.

I like how you presented yourself there.
That kind of attitude will get you a promotion pretty fast.
I welcome you to the Nexus, and I look forward to getting to know you better.
As I always recommend to new members, make use of what you have, there is a perpetual amount of knowledge to gain here, as well as a community that will support you throughout your journeys.
Happy travels my friend! :)
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