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Swallowing hurts like hell...

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Hey everybody,

i'm a bit scared... since my last changa session (wednesday) i have a big pain in my throat...
the mix was made with a ratio of 1:1 with blue lotus. The infusion was done with acetone...

But since that night, i almost can't swallow anymore. It hurts so much and i'm scared that there was some acetone left what i smoked.

Where could this pain come from?
any similar experiences with blue lotus?

thx for response
Is it a fleshy scratchy kind of pain or a bruise type?

I don't go around smoking acetone, but I imagine if you smoked enough acetone to damage your throat you would have felt very queezy.
It could be the acetone; it could be an allergic reaction to the blue lotus. In any case you SHOULD be alarmed if you have the feeling that you might not be able to BREATHE because your throat is so swollen. Certainly, if I were you I'd also take my temperature--you may in fact have the flu or something.

If it continues to get worse instead of better you might want to see a doctor. I wouldn't think you'd need to mention DMT--you could say (without explaining that it's ridiculous) that you tried to mix MJ and blue lotus using acetone--and you're worried about either the acetone or the blue lotus (or, just use your best judgment about what to say). DMT is not really going to mean anything to a doc regarding a swollen throat--so you'll be ringing major alarm bells for no reason. On the other hand, if you felt you were GRAVELY ILL it would probably be best to be completely honest.

If I had to bet, I would bet on an allergic reaction to the blue lotus. Some people huff acetone--without the effect you describe. Inhaling acetone will burn up your BRAIN before it burns up your throat. If it's an allergic reaction you can get meds to help it right away.

One thing to keep in mind--if it gets better by itself, and you HAVE had an allergice reaction to blue lotus, then the NEXT TIME you try it, you could find yourself in serious trouble--anaphalactic shock. If I were you I'd probably just give up on blue lotus.

Another possibility is that you are allergic to some CONTAMINANT that was in the blue lotus...
Another question you need to consider, of course, is have you used DMT from that same extraction before? If you can eliminate that as a problem, then:

1) You have an unrelated disease. If you have a fever, that's what it is.
2) You've had an allergic reaction to the blue lotus, or something in the blue lotus. Have you smoked blue lotus before? If you HAVE smoked blue lotus (especially from that batch) lots of times before, then it is probably NOT an allergic reaction. Note: it still COULD be an allergic reaction if you've only smoked it ONCE before.
3) You somehow modified your smoking technique and got some REALLY hot air that burned your throat (seems unlikely).
4) I would put problems with acetone LAST. HOWEVER, was it pure acetone? You didn't just get "nail polish remover" did you? That stuff has LOTS of things besides acetone--ANYTHING could happen.

Bottom line: it would help to know if you've done EXACTLY this before, and more than once (i.e., same DMT batch, same acetone source, same blue lotus source, same smoking technique).
Well, i smoked alot blue lotus changa before and i also used that batch before...

maybe it's just an overreaction on to something. The Acetone is pure, it's from a chemical supplier.

It's more like a scratchy thing. When i swallow, it hurts. It isn't swollen so i can't breathe anymore, it's just that goddamn pain everytime i swallow.

One question:

When i produce changa, it doesn't matter how clean the spice is, right? it'll be dissolved anyway in acetone, which brings it back to it's natural chemical composition without any contamination. Or should i , even for making changa, clean the spice befor i produce changa? maybe that's what the problem was. some of the batch was slightly contaminated, so i threw it into acetone and made a bit of changa...

thanks for your help folks
I'm no kind of expert on extractions...but if you feel you have contaminants, and you dissolve EVERYTHING in acetone and then make your changa with that--I don't see where you expect the contaminants to drop out...they're still going to be in there. But if you used exactly the same batches of everything before with no problems, then that pretty much rules out problems with your changa.

I'm betting you're sick. Strep throat or something like that. Such infections CAN decide to invade when you've damaged your tissues (like with hot smoke). If it doesn't start to feel better soon you should just go to a doc with a complaint of sore throat. I also suggest taking your temperature. A fever will give you an IMMEDIATE answer to what's going on--if you have one, your problem is an infection, and not contaminants in your changa. Of course NOT having a fever isn't proof you DON'T have an infection.
Smoking slightly acetone wet leaf shouldn't effect you that bad, only adverse effects I have experienced is sick stomach during/after the experiences - which only happened at the start of my Changa career. If you burn the cone well with a lighter then take it off and it's still burning then there's acetone left. Simply let it burn out, can sometimes take 10 seconds, and there should be hardly any left. I always do this before each cone if I don't have the patience to let the mix dry out properly and it works fine.

In terms of contamination any type of spice is fine, I usually evaporate my solvent so I'm left with a thick yellow goo and simply dissolve this into the Acetone. The one time I actually re-crystalised for Changa the mix wasn't as strong, the oils etc are actually just as active. The only contamination issue would be regarding leaving an amount of basified solution in your solvent, though this is usually in trace amounts and shouldn't effect you.

Like Spock's Brain said it might have something to do with whether you usually smoke..
Contact, try gargling your throat with Sage ( I mean Salvia Officinalis) strong tea or tincture. You should find it at a local drugstore.
It will help to get rid of inflammation and pain. Calendulae flower tea should help as well !
do you have acid reflux??..lump in throat, worse after smoking and more painful, with too much stomach acid/indigestion at times..all symptoms of acid reflux..lots of smokers get it. I used to have it and had symptoms all the time after smoking weed, but I changed my diet and cut out coffee(a big one) and it went away. You're situation could be completely different but its quite amazing how many ailments these days are all dietary related..
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