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SWIMs first extraction (success)

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SWIM told me he had extracted from 60g mimosa hostilis, 0.4 g of DMT, using this tek: http://www.dmtextraction.org/mimosa3dmtextraction.htm it was white, very fine and glistening.

SWIM used bartoline premium low odour white spirit for the naptha, and although this was his first go he seems to think this was part of the success.

SWIM says he was unsure as to his success, until around 30 seconds after he smoked a bowl, when he saw huge moving patterns, which became 3D and wrapped themselves around him, dragging him up into a building which was full of 3D, moving, line sculptures made of marble. He claimed he felt his own body disappear and then reapear as water.

SWIM actually remembers very little of the trip.

SWIM says although the extract was amazing, he will still enjoy ayahuasca on a fairly regular basis and save most of his mimosa hostilis for this purpose. 100g of his bag of magic powder will be dedicated towards more extraction.

SWIMs first trip went very well

Good to hear!

SWIM has also just finished his first extractions...offwhite/yellow crystals have not yielded any effects yet when smoked...however swim is probably the shittiest smoker ever and is likely doing something wrong...but feeling nothing..not even a lightheadedness...nothing...zip...

Better luck to you!
thanks for your response, brother.

if it hasn't gone well, better luck next time. either way, dont give up on it, it's well worth the effort. it does sound as thought it hasn't gone too well if there isn't even the mildest distortions, i don't know though.

swim doesn't know wether his tek is good or not, but he tells me he just did it with another 100g of mimosa hostilis and it's all in the freezer right now.

Congratulations on your success acha. Nothing quite like the spice!

To T.S.O.M. Keep trying, use a different pipe, use more or put it on herb what have you. If you have offwhite/ yellowish crystals then you have the right stuff.
I took a few small tokes the first times as I heard misinformation about one little toke and you are gone type nonsense and didn't get much from DMT and wondered what all the fuss was about.
Later on in my attempts I had some more spice and I put a decent amount on some chore in an old bong and took 2 good hits and while I didn't breakthrough I saw some of the most amazing stuff unlike any trip I have ever been on b4. Don't give up. It is just as crazy and amazing as people say, not just hype. hang in there and you'll be glad you did. I am.
Best of luck in your future attempts!
Good to hear you had such success!

I moved this thread to the Extraction - General... forum, as it's a bit more suited for that area.

Maybe you could tell us a bit more about the method you used for your extraction here?
0.4g is a pretty big yield for 60g of MHRB. I'd like to here how you did that for sure!

Thanks for sharing!!

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