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SWIMs first time help?

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So SWIM and some of his friends are planning on getting MHRB, most likely about 200 grams, and doing their first extract. All of them are experienced psychedelic users, but none of them have done DMT. SWIM wants to know how much should they be expecting for their first extract. They'll be using an acid to base extraction. SWIM would also like some tips for first time dosage, and the best way to smoke it. (They'll probably just mix it with bud instead of vaporizing it, but whats the best way to do that. Spice on top or sandwiched between herb?) I'm also open to any trip stories and general advice for first time explorers into this weird molecule. Thanks if you've actually read all this :)
As a novice traveller, I can relate to this and suggest following:
Please read this forum and Wiki, they contain loads of useful information and have all answers to your questions.

As for your questions:
- Yield: it depends. I am able to get roughly 1-1.5% by using Cyb's A/B tek without salt. With salt yield is much better (don't have precise results yet but it looks like at least 50% efficiency improvement, bringing yield to the area of 2%+)
- Method: make a "Machine", it's IMHO the best cheapest way to vaporize it and not burn it. It takes some tries to master the technique, but it's not hard.
- Dosage: start low (5mg) and work in 5mg increments to find comfortable dose for you. Also with low doses you have time to master smoking technique.

With "Machine", for me and my fellow travellers (friends) we have a consensus that golden zone is 20-27mg. More over that and we have trouble remembering the experience.

Other advice I have for you:
- Don't rush to mix it with bud. Yes for me weed makes it slightly less frightening, but you will have troubles remembering the details of experience. Try it pure first.
- Being experienced with psychedelics is a plus, but don't think you are prepared for DMT if you had some acid or mushrooms, approach with extreme caution and respect.
Hey there Smoky!

I don't want to repeat the great points Exitwound gave, so I will add a few of my own.

Being your first extraction, start small. Extractions can be fickle and that can result in loss of product and materials. Your first extraction is never going to be perfect! High yielding extractions come with time and experience, working out the complications that extractions throw at you.

Remember to respect the molecule! Don't go for a breakthrough your first time, being experienced with other psychedelics is like having a poorly drawn map on a new planet. Without it, your are completely lost, with it, you are slightly less lost.

I hope to hear about the trip in the near future!
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