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SWIM's Procedure to extracting DMT, will this work?

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SWIM has a very limited money flow, and time to make DMT so he wants to make sure he is doing it right.

This is his first time, so please, help SWIM out.

SWIM has bought the following supplies:
-1lb of mimosa hostilis powder
- Two bottles of VMP Naphtha
- One container of 2.2lb of NaOh (lye)

His procedure:

Add 150 grams of Powdered Mimosa to a stainless steal container. Add 3000ml of water, and 200 mg of NaOh (lye)

Shake, stir, let it sit for 3 hours. Coming back every hour to stir for 20 minutes. After it is good and stirred add400 ml of VMP Naphtha.

Stir gently, mix up well, make sure the DMT gets in the Naphtha.

Then he will use a turkey baster to withdraw the DMT filled Naphtha and put into a 8x8x8 clear glass pan.

He will use a fan to evaporate until the crystals are barely formed, at which point he will set to the side to add the other evaporated mixtures to be put in the freezer.

He will do 2 more pulls of 400ml of Naphtha, evaporate, add to the container with the first extraction.

It will be put in a mason jar, tightened, and thrown in the Freezer for 24 hours.

The saturation ratio of Naphtha to DMT should be around 1:.2-.7 Allowing for more crystals. (correct?)

SWIM will then remove the naphtha by pouring into a jar. The remaining Naphtha will be evaporated and the crystals left will be added to end yield.

He will then take the Crystals from the freezer, add water (tap with NaOH) to the container with the crystals. The crystals should NOT dissolve and all the impurities will be removed. He will pour into a coffee filter, keeping the DMT crystals and put those back in the container with more tap water (no NaOH this time). Repeat twice.

He will then put the crystals in the freezer for an hour to get back to crystal form.

Where he will then weigh out the doses and smoke.

Will this work? Like I said, SWIM has never done this before, and does not want to ruin his first time.
Thank you for the reply...but I've read it many times.

I was just curious as to if this seem acceptable, and plausible.
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Please look around before posting.

All of your questions for all of your recent posts can easily be found by using the search function. Long discussions on multiple posts should not only answer your questions, but give you further knowledge that you would not find if someone just answered your questions flat out.
I've read stainless steel, so I figured it's important which I use.

I don't want the basic solution to have a chemical reaction with the plastic and add extra chemicals in my DMT.

Also, I just don't have a glass container =P
Or even more ghetto style, buy a decent size pickle jar, even if you dont like pickles throw them out but it works in a pinch and doesnt draw any suspicion.
I don't see where you got your ratios from. Just read everything and it tells you right there. You are using about 20ml of water per gram of bark which is about right if you are using pre powdered bark. I would use a little less if is bark that you need to break up and powder yourself. I don't see where you got 400ml of naptha from. With the small amount you are using I would go with something like 100 ml of naptha. Make sure you use a skinny container to mix it all in. A half gallon milk jug would work perfect.
i would not do it that way at all. use nomans tek and always use the following numbers as bases for your ratios. 50g of Mimosa Hostilis root bark into 50g of NaOH dissolved in 750mL of water. then use 50mL of naptha for pulls. for your pound, you will want to do two half pound extractions. doing a whole pound at a time is a pain in the ass and since its your first time, you dont want to put all your eggs in one basket. put 225g of powdered bark into 225g of NaOH dissolved into 3375mL of water. use 225mL of naptha for your pulls. i have used quart mason jars to do 50g of bark at a time and it works great. its kinda tedious but its a good way to learn about spice extraction. (USE NOMANS TEK!!!) i have upgraded to using milk jugs containers now. they are HDPE (high density polyethylene)(recycle sign #2) and will not leech anything into your mix. the first pull i did on it yielded just under a gram of PURE WHITE spice.
bottom line. NOMANS TEK with jars like he does or milk jugs like i do. they both work awesome.
im going to try and put together a pictoral guide to doing it the way i do.

heres an interesting bit of information. last night i gave my buddy 20 30mg bags of spice. he went downtown and found all the rainbow kids and handed them out. now, half the bags were dark yellow spice extracted from jars that had been sitting about a month. i figured this stuff would be less potent because it obviously had oils in it. the other half of the bags were pure white spice that were a first pull from half a pound. all the kids who smoked the yellow stuff said it was insane while the kids who smoked the white stuff said it was just ok. i always assumed that colour dictated strength, but apparently not.. hooray for field testing..
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