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swims use of Nomans tek experience,,, please help

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swim used nomans tek. First he didnt have a scale (no correct measurement for amnt smoked or amnt of lye in the water) also swim accidently put two amounts of naptha into the mixture before extraction, then did the third naptha bath as directed. Swim started out with 56 grams of mimosa inner root bark from bouncing botanicals website. swim used an eye dropper to take the naptha out and put it in the freezer, he had the snow globe bottles ready in the morning and followed the rest of the steps (i.e. filtering and cleaning with amonia) Swim then put a very little bit of the dmt into a glass "pot" pipe on a bed of oregeno and smoked. First time nothing happend at all so swim figured not enough, put about 3 times as much (half of what was left) and smoked it, swim saw some visual effects much like those of acid and closed eye visuals were very alien and interesting patterns but not extremely vivid. This lasted about five mins and then swim was back to normal. He is interestedin trying again what can he do to break through with the limited supply of materials (no scale and no seperatory funnel)

Thank you in advance
Maybe you need a ladder and not a scale to reach the higher states ;) Bwah ha ha ha.. sorry, the joke is probably not fun, it's just that scale and ladder may be translated by the same word in french.

You do not need any scale to breakthrought but if you want to avoid any waste in precious material I would suggest you to use a lightbulb pipe. Put a bunnch of DMT in it and do not care about the amount, just smoke the pure stuff as much as you can. What is not smoked will be still in the bulb for future uses.
You really don't need a sep funnel, a turkey baster/eye dropper is fine. I do however STRONGLY recommend using a scale. This is precise chemistry you are preforming, not an elementary school science fair project. The fact that the measurements were imprecise could very well have lead to you extracting less than pure DMT, directly affecting the potency, and therefore your trips. As for methods of smoking, read around the forums some more and see what works and doesn't work for people. DMT is not a recreational drug, and should be treated with the utmost respect. A little research beforehand goes a long way in answering potential questions afterwards. If you need some forum links that apply to your situation, let me know and I'll give you the links.
swim has done alot of research about this drug and considers himself a seasoned drug user. Swim found a friend with a scale and orederd 228 more grams of root bark and is ready to start try number 2. Also swim has decided that he will make the machine for the second try.

Thank you for the responses.
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