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Symbolic dreams

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I would love to hear your symbolic dreams (or just anything interesting!) :)

My dream last night was about a parasite-shark called Opticus that lived in the throat of a man—there was a colony of human-looking beings living with him in the throat and they adored him, completely worshiped him and offered ritualistic sacrifices to him—the bottom of the throat with grumble and turn into a row of teeth and he told them he was hungry and to feed him and they would all cheer and offer fish.

It looked like these people were living in modern society—it was futuristic—there wasn’t a fantasy kind of feeling to the dream—it was very alien.

When the parasite-shark emerged, it shot forward from the throat and devoured the food. It was like a huge event—everyone was waiting outside to see him eat and cheer for him! Everyone thought he was really cute and he was cute even though he also looked like a small, cold, mean kind of shark—and his eyes did radiate extreme hyper-intelligence and love for the people in a weird way.

He recognized it as an event—he would lunge forward, swallow up the fish, and people would bask in his presence—then he would just go back into the throat to keep sustaining the society and wait for more food.

His fins were like fish’s fins so he couldn’t exist on his own—he needed to be in a body to survive.

…and he gave back to the colony and the body, so he was a really positive parasite!! He was dangerous if he swallowed you up while he was eating but it wasn’t exactly his fault because he was a predator and just lunged forward to eat—the entire throat would quakeeverything shook wildly!!—so it was obvious he was a really dangerous creature.

He literally controlled their lives and deaths and could wipe out anyone in a heartbeat, but it was just the way their society lived and he was the most important creature in the scene so it made sense.
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