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Synaptolepis kirkii Bioassay

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I first cut off a small chip of each corner, I'd guess to be around half a gram or less, and handed out a piece to a few people vending next to me while I was serving hot drinks at a party. My first thought was a sense that it actually tasted good, like some unknown superfood, and I was curious about the nutritional content. The next night I took off a larger chunk, maybe a gram and a half to 3 grams, and enjoyed chewing it up as I went to bed. After the experience I'm sure it cannot be considered a food.

Yes I was getting a dream effect, no it was not enhancing the vividness or my memory of it. At somewhere between a half hour and 2 and a half hours or so, I woke up. I could feel the mild irritation of the plant acting on my mouth, esophagus, and stomach. After walking around a few minutes, went pee, maybe water - can't remember, I was back in bed laying on my back to slowly enter back into the dream state from which I could further analyses this plant. As I stayed in a half awake state for half the rest of the night, I could slowly feel as the mild but noticeable irritation (almost like acid reflex but less intense) continued to progress down my small and large intestines.

I have never felt such a perception of my own digestive tract, that I recall.

I had to wake up and get my son to school and he wanted me to pick up some bread from the store. At the store I had to pee and realized a number 2 was eminent. The stool was not solid, unusual for me, also particularly smelly, and it had this weird effect of popping all of the bubbles from the urine as if it were some weird chemical reaction.

I got home just feeling kind of weird in my guts and just wanted some toast with avocado and then to get back in bed to sleep off the weirdness. After many more hours of sleep I woke up from a vivid dream finally.

I can now confirm the occurrence of alien related dreams, though it is still a rather small research group on that note.
My Vivid Dream
I was on a boat with a few people using a device that sent a laser dot and targeting square next to it out into space. It was creepy knowing that we needed to be aware that we could be contacting the unknown, aliens, government, whatever private interest. Because of this we got out of the open water and found a friend with a pool they were swimming in, so we could float the machine in there. After playing around a bit, and these people wondering what we were doing cause they didn't know us well, we gathered around in a circle and began to explain what we were doing, and that we didn't really know. Then an 'expert' stepped out in his tie die speedo, (kinda heavy set) and told us we don't ever really know what we'll find or why, but that we will find them, we are dragnet.

So, I woke up and tried to figure out what the fric dragnet was. Reminded me of the time I used a net I had with some villagers in remote Papua New Guinea to catch some fish, but all we caught was this long wirey parasite that would curl up and stretch out (creepyyy). It made me think maybe this plant is acting as a dragnet through my body, and that what left my body was a lot of things that did not belong in there. Like some cleanse of all the alien parasites the dragnet could pull out.

Earlier at the store I thought the irritation was like the time in Thailand where I thought I could just eat the taro stalk raw, since I'd had it in pho in San Fransisco, but actually ended up poisoning myself and irritating my throat and esophagus. I found out shortly after poisoning myself that the antidote for this particular poison (calcium oxalate) was to mix a tree relative of stinging nettle with a tree relative of hibiscus in a particular way. Now I'm wondering if there's a way to 'cure' this root, or take a similar antidote along with it. Maybe cooking it long enough would break something down (maybe adding something like potassium hydroxide that could remove the ester group, similar to removing the ester group on Voacangine) Just a guess.

Also I wonder if the dream inducing effects would even work if the irritation was neutralized. I read the Benjamin Thomas book called Drugs of the Dreaming, where he describes the likely reason many things induce dreams is that through indigestion, irritation, or similar effect, the body is not able to fall into a deep sleep and one stays partially awake during sleep.

There are cases of people having trouble getting back to sleep after eating this root, and I can say from my limited experience that the sleep was on the lighter side from the time I woke up a few hours later until I woke up to take my son to school. The irritant seems to be slow to come on.

Also I must say the whole tumor thing doesn't worry me at all since it was one experiment, never repeated, and on mice - not humans, and this plant has a relatively long history of use. I would like to know how often and what dose has been traditionally used. Maybe this plant does not deserve such a bad rap right from the start of it's research.

ElusiveMind wrote
- As I was looking into it more it seems that "9,13,14-ortho-(2-hexadecenoate)" and the "12B-acetoxy derivative of 9,13,14-ortho-(2-hexadecenoate)" are the most potent tumor promoters from the 1a-Alkyldaphnane type of DTE (Diterpene Esters) isolated, and "9,13,14-ortho-(2E-hexadecenoate)" was the most potent from the Daphnane type DTE isolates. Just throwing this information up there to see if any SWIMmers can help verify this and maybe help find more information on these DTE's.

This makes me curious what the isolated kirkinin bioactivity would be after de-esterfication, or even a TA de-esterfication. Also I wonder if the irritant effect has something to do with it's nootropic effects.

I can see how it would kick out any parasites as the irritant makes its way through the digestive tract. Solid stools again now after waking from sleeping half the day, about 16 hours later. Could this be a detox?
Interesting observations, seems like a big dose to me, the 1 gram and a half, considering that usually 0,7 g is used. That's what i have used for some days in a row and in the first 2-3 days i had really vivid dreams that i could recall easily, which for me is unusual to say the least. I am still using it (in fact gonna chew ~0,8 g in a while cause i am going to sleep), i have noticed that i wake up more easily and i feel a little bit more rested. I have not noticed any problems with my gut taking it. More use has to be done to post more definite observations and stopping it for some days too to notice differences. Others have reported that it worked most when they stopped taking it and that's when really intense dreams came to play. Keep posting please if you continue your experiments :)
thx for sharing. If it is indeed oxalic stuff that causes this, you may be able to fix (some of) that by supplementing your guts with oxalobacter (ppl that eat with their bare hands e.g.Indians/Africans/Arabs/Hunter Gatherers/Others, usually have it quiet naturally...)
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