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Is this a place for real names?What is a real name
Discuss.I have just done with myself for a very long time, and still am.
One day someone told me about a Russian Blue cat, and it was the firs I ever heard of one, until later that day when I heard about one again.

One morning I opened my tooth paste and a speck of it flew into my left eye, and the next morning it happened again (it stings)

Once I was day dreaming about riding a unicycle and soon after thinking about it I saw someone riding one. Was it a premonition or synchronicity I don't know. But I keep having microcosms of synchronicity happen in varying degrees. Its very compelling to stay enthusiastic about life.
i go outside to leave my house and find a dead mouse...then on the way to a friends house..i hit and kill a cat...and then when i get there i was sitting on the porch..just to hear a noise behind me..and there is a bird...twitching and flapping its wings...i watched it take its last breath..then i watched a cat kill a little shrew 2 minutse later

this all happened in 20 minutes
I was bushwalking listening to the Radiohead song, Tree Fingers, when I came across a tree that had weird finger like things protruding all down the trunk.
JUST today i was driving down a back road, kinda on edge thinking, and i thought about the matrix/truman show ect.. type realitys, sorta thinking i think i live in a loop sorta thing where someone is always watching me(below god more likley) and then i see a street sign that says truman. right before the turn i wanted to get to

i told myself you gotta give me a better sign than that
last night at 1:47am i was thinking of posting a reply on this thread as i often encounter/notice synchronicity when im tripping... so as im chewing the paper held under my tongue i decided to check it out again.. at 1:47pm
I LOVE this place...

I woke up this morning and had to call a person I recently met named Alberto. Just before waking I dreamt I called him Alfredo.

I thought about how the names were similar but from different parts of the world, blah etc blah

On the Simpsons tonight Homer was talking to (his hands(?))(IDK, I was cooking/just listening) and their names were Albert and Alfred...

Leave it to Matt Groening to thumbtack me Jungian style.

Its not weird, right.

Also, I used to wait tables and three people in less than a week had some error in their left pupils. Discoloration, mishapen, spots...Just WEIRD!! I always look at peoples eyes and notice many things but never the same that close together.

It is a smaller world than we know. Its so deep, its so wide, your inside, syn-cro-ni-ci-ty


Also 741 is my favorite number, does that mean anything to anyone???

<grasps at straws>
A friend who works at the pizza kitchen at the Whole Foods says that the way people order their pizzas tend to shift in unison from one time period to the next. One week most people ask for their pizza to be whole (not sliced) and next week people ask for one topping over another. Random subtle trends that really stand out.
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