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synchronized aya proposal


Rising Star
Hello friends,

I see a few problems with synch smoking, and propose synched aya:

1) our mental waves might take time to spread out over such varied wide spaces

2) if one of us misses the 1st hit, or is even 30 seconds late, the synch is no longer synched

3) with aya, we could actually try to make it onto the computer to communicate while there

4) with aya, we could try different brew combinations for different sessions

Personally i haven't tried aya because i don't want to be alone during the experience, yet I cannot find a local i fully trust with the secrets. Synched Aya on a friday or saturday night would be a very cool thing to look forward to.
that is not such a bad idea...but it would be good to make sure you are comfortable with your own brew...make sure it works and whatnot...so maybe a little preSHE is in order...to get familiar?
I think people who have experience with Ayahuasca should try this, give it a go alone, your first time tho (Alone with a sitter)
do any of you guys follow the Mayan Calendar? SWIM has found it is great for synchronizing her energy with the worlds energy...possibly the SHE could be on a day that would act as a launch pad..some days SWIM has found are much better for traveling than others...such as Red Skywalker days...these days are all about fluid reference points, time/space traveler, skywalker, angelic messenger, pillars of heaven, courage, new directions, mysterious journey....and so on...let me find a link to some software that you can use to synchronize yourself with

there it is..great program...and the Mayan Calendar is just a way to get in touch with each days different energies..if you have any questions...which you will PM me and ill help you out..or whatever
Even though its not anytime soon. I think that the idea of having a synchronised event on 12/12/12 would be a great idea. Seeing as there will be some sort of galactic alignment with the milkey way.

Harnessing the power of Aya, and the power of the universe could be something interesting.

I thought I could just make a note of it.
i'd be down for it. on S.H.E. all kinds of travel styles are allowed. so one would just need to stick the different travel styles in groups. i'd rather be using aya than smoke it. i like it slow.
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