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Synth. chloroform solvent

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..Presumably, chloroform being a pretty good solvent SWIM was really curious to try this out. However, chloroform being synthesized by grocery store products couldn't imagine how the polarity would come out. Procedure followed turned out:

(((FASA prepared)))
Toasted/ground 50g Vilca seeds
Bathed in 350ml ethanol/HCl(pH 3~) concentrated to 150ml
Diluted with water, poured through separatory funnnel, shaken and settled overnight
Based w/ NAoH (pH 10~) settled and came back to proceed with 50ml chloroform

1st&2nd pull was then dissolved in pure hot ethyl acetate
..FASA droplets, precipitation, assumed success :) ... :(

The bufotenine fumarate was freebased with sodium carbonate which SWIM has had problems with in the past before, but solved promptly, has always been hit or miss w/ SWIM. Freebasing isn't the only issue though. The fumarate salts were also orally inactive with rue extract. SWIM's suspecting something has to do with synthesized solvents? Hell, even the ethyl acetate was self-prepared. Perhaps a fridge precipitation should not have been overlooked..

All of this stuff is going over his head right now and he's pretty damn confused. Any info or help would be awesome. Really was mainly concerned with getting a pure extract from the seeds, but now SWIM would like to get this right before his mountain cubes are harvested :(

Guess SWIM was too self-involved. He should have just followed Ron's tek, crud.



SWIM's concerned whether or not if it's ok to reuse what's left. That is using pure acetone, that's all. thanks
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