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Hello all! I've had an account here for a couple months but I haven't really considered posting up until now. Anyways, here's an abridged summary of my experiences up until fairly recently!

About two/three years ago I became curious in psychedelics and decided to try LSD for the first time. While I wouldn't say that my first experience completely transformed me, it definitely changed the trajectory my life was headed in. Fast forward a few months, I started dealing with a deep depression (that still comes and goes - it's been an ongoing process) and decided to move closer to home. About a month before I left however, I began to develop a good friendship with a girl that I had known, and one evening she told me that she had some LSD. She asked if I wanted to do it with her, some guy she had a crush on, and another mutual friend, and I gladly said yes.

Long story short, the guy she had a crush on went a little insane and, and the girl and I fell deeply in love and have been in the best relationship of either of our lives ever since!

Since that incident (a little over a year), I wracked up many more psychedelic experiences primarily through the use of the aforementioned compound. I began to feel quite comfortable with it, and started pushing my doses higher. After a while I felt as though I was wearing myself thin. My use wasn't quite abuse, but I found myself treading a fine line. After this, I decided to change my diet and exercise more regularly, and with this came the desire to finally do my first DMT extraction.

After some months of planning, Summer 2016 came along and I decided to give it a go. The result was a resinous goop, and the first test was a result of putting the goop on some cannabis in a bowl and going out to sit on the porch. I got a few good hits and I felt absolutely wonderful! I went inside to get my girlfriend and to tell her how amazing it was, and so we both went back out to give it another try. It was sunny, and it had started to rain very hard. Thankfully the porch had a roof, and we both smoked the bowl until it was about finished.

I will never forget how beautiful that day was. After exhaling we both stepped out from under the roof to admire the garden that we had just finished setting up. It was raining so hard, but it was still so warm and sunny out. It was awesome.

I soon realized that the product was far to harsh to vaporize, so I infused it in some herbs in a very weak and unmeasured ratio. I don't think the herbs were ever completely dry of IPA, and smoking it resulted in a slight numbing sensation and what resulted were a collection of experiences that really didn't do me much good. It felt alien, and was honestly just strange. After I managed to finish the small amount that I had, I forgot about it all for quite some time.

Having recently moved into a new house this month, I decided it would be a good place to extract the rest of the bark that I had lying around. Keeping in mind the mistakes I made the first time, I put all my pulls in a single pan, and shoved it in the freezer until the next morning. Not expecting much of anything, I was shocked when the pan was coated in thick, white crystals. Using 40-50g of mimosa bark I managed to get about 700mg of pure, fluffy white crystal.

It has only been a few nights since I've had it, but I've already had two experiences using only 10mg and 15mg (under some mullein leaf in a bong) that have blown me away. I know those doses aren't too much, but they inspired me to get back on the forums and start posting. I'm going to start documenting my experiences as I feel I've started out on the right foot this time.

Outside of drugs I thoroughly enjoy caving, gardening, and backpacking, and I have a pet lizard who I love dearly.

Thanks for reading ! :lol:
Welcome friend.

Enhanced leaf is good but I will have to suggest trying changa. Prolongs the journey a little bit plus adds its own element to the trip aside from smoothing it out just a tad, personally speaking.

Fantastic that you found a relationship under those circumstances and even better you're both in to psychedelics so no having to hide anything, plus being able to share those experiences together. So what did your partner think of it and was it their first time with the spice?

Nice to have another gardener on board :thumb_up:

Again welcome to the community, safe and happy journeys.

So what did your partner think of it and was it their first time with the spice?
It was her first experience, and so far her only one. We've talked about it a bit and we both agreed that it was very enjoyable, but I think she's waiting until she's in a better frame-of-mind to partake in the full experience. Right now she just enjoys listening to me talk about my experiences.

And I definitely plan on making some changa, maybe not with this batch though. I think when I run out I'll buy a little more bark this time, just so I can conduct more experiments!
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