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Taking a nap for better integration of the experience?

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Does anyone do this?

I like doing it after some deep meditation/contemplation, or after some entheogenic trip, think the REM proccess help me in integrating it better. Never tried this with dmt though as I havent tried any spice yet, but think it might go well...
Honestly I find myself slipping off into sleep after almost every time I vape DMT. I'll usually do one decent dose, then keep loading a couple small ones to keep it going. Once I'm done though, my eyes get real heavy and sleep starts setting in. I'll doze off for about half an hour to an hour, and wake up with a good understanding of what happened and feel really re-energized.
As already stated above naps are great for just about anything. :thumb_up: Recovery and energy restoration are key factors but integration from profound experiences can be enhanced.
lately, my favorite guilty pleasure is late morning naps - barely asleep mostly dozing and reflecting. around 1030 or 11am. listening to ambient music, or sometimes Mozart.

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