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Taking Rhodiola rosea and drinking Ayahuasca

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If I take Rhodiola rosea in the morning for energy, would it be okay for me to take Ayahuasca that night?

What if I took Rhodiola in the afternoon?

Are they dangerous when combined? Or is it okay? I know Rhodiola is somewhat of a RIMA.

Once I took it in the morning and did Aya in the evening, and I felt like a wasp, which I had never experienced before, and I wondered if the Rhodiola contributed to that. It felt hyper.

Synergy? Dissonance? What say you?
I can't answer your question but I think it's interesting and potentially important to collect experiences and data around different combinations of plants with Ayahuasca/DMT/Harmalas.

I've had some experiences lately with have make me curious. I've started taking ginkgo biloba extract and have two times had quite strong reactions from Rue (tea and extracted harmalas). I've purged and felt the harmalas stronger then before. Something that I've only experiences once before when I've had a strong jug of coffee 2h before the rue. But I'll make another thread around that :)
I have no experience using rhodiola in combination with anything but I would definitely be relatively cautious about same-day dosing. It may depend on which part of the plant or extract that's being used and how long you've been consuming rhodiola.

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2009 concluded potent anti-depressant effects in rhodiola roots via microtitre plate bioassay and founded a significant 92%-84% of MAO-A and MAO-B oxidase inhibition.

Also, Gingko biloba may have possible interactions at the monoamine sites due to the natural presence of kaempferol in Gingko leaves, which was also indicated in the year 2000.

I've used Gingko leaf extracts safely and successfully in combination with entheogens but no experience in combining it with Ayahuasca.

Interesting, thank you! I felt as if I'd taken a much heavier dose of rue (the typical symptoms, for me) Might give the Gingko a pause for a day before having rue next time.

I vaped some rue seed-hulls together with cannabis yesterday and didn't notice any stronger effects even if I had gingko extract earlier in the day. Perhaps if was just a to small amount.
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