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Tek Question

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Hello! I would have pm'd him directly first, but im still a new member somehow? But anyways on to it.

Im following this tek right here and I have some questions..

First off, he uses a 2ltr bottle. Can I just use a 2ltr pop bottle? Or what kind of bottle would be good? I tried looking but I keep coming up with only finding 2ltr pop bottles.

My second question is if I can use Acacia with cybs hybrid tek? I've tried looking but I cant get any clear answers.. Thanks!
Still learning ;)
You can use the hybrid tek for acacia. It mentions this in the introduction of the tek.

I don't think Cyb takes pm's for tek questions, and earthwalker hasn't been on much that I know of.

Use glass bottles for your extractions, you can get 2L pyrex bottles pretty cheap off ebay. Or find an extra large clear wine bottle and do a smaller extraction if need be.
Please don't use Plastic Pop Bottles...the plasticizers may leach into the end product.

Just use glass bottles..you can downsize the amounts to fit the bottle.

HERE is a 50g (bark) tek that should suit you 😉
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