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Tethered star visuals

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Rising Star
Hey nexians, here's an attempt at recreating a visual I've seen a few times, combined with my stoner guitar noodling. Anyone seen anything similar? There's no text in the visuals ofc but the meaning seemed to be there. And no, I'm not quitting my day job :)

Edit, squirting some woo without bumping:

So what's below the purple cloud of the collective unconscious? The eye. It functions as a lens that projects the collective unconscious upward from below. The collective unconscious is a light being, the human being, and above that, it projects into our individual consciousness, which is a collection or aspects of light beings, contained in the star joined to the monkey body. You could say the monkey body is an avatar of our consciousness, a way for it to exist in 3d + time. At the same time our consciousness projects its shadow downward to the collective unconscious, ie the tether is our shadow? That part is vague.

Most of us spend most of our conscious time in the extreme outer skin of the human being, in the monkey body. Meditation, psys, dreams, nde's and other things enable travel some or all of the way down this tether to the intricate and ancient architecture of the collective unconscious. Resonances then direct our consciousness fragment to a location. Which can be in the collective unconscious, possibly involving entities indigenous to the collective unconscious, spirits, gods, or other parts of the gaian mind outside the human bandwidth. Or picked up by externals, refracted to them as in some dmt trips.

Going by a series of visuals, this is close to how one of these externals understands our system, given as an part of an education it seems. Or it was an entertaining brainfart, I dunno.
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