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Thankyou for having us.

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Just wanted to say a massive thankyou and hello to all and to the powers that be that led us to be here, and for having us in such awesome company with you all.

My wife and I have been together 15yrs and have 3 young children from Australia, We had our first DMT experience several years ago and it has stuck with us ever since,, now we are going to make our own as our youngest child has just started school (daycare) so we have free time., After months of research we feel we are ready to do a STB run with 500gms of ACRB.

We have had very good results helping a friend last week with his Obtusifolia STB extraction, So I can only hope the ACRB goes as well as the Obtus did.

Just a another thankyou to the community for being so awesome and open minded.

Peace Banu. :thumb_up:
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