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The 3rd Arrival

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And the rush hits hard, seemingly mowing me down with the force of an epic tidal wave. I lay back, unable to determine where exactly that's going to lead, and close my eyes. I can feel what starts to gain visual clarity, and seems to be a large structure materializing over top of me. For a few moments I felt as though I was stuck inside of this structure while the trip was going on around me outside of it.

Peering around the corner and up the wall of this structure, it feels as though my consciousness is standing at my ear, My body now huge and somehow manifesting this structure that's been designed to keep me here, and away from the details of the trip. I can see three or four central lights circling about, and I get the eerie feeling that everyone is looking for me. Now in the basement of this structure wandering around aimlessly, I come up on what appears to be a few scientists, humanoid in body structure, but insectoid in movement and mentality... We're in a hallway reminiscent of the underground corridors with plumbing and gas piping that take up the sub-floors of most large buildings, and they're consulting one another; seemingly about me. The floors are bluish grey, and the walls and pipes are painted white... I managed to get around the scientist and up a flight of stairs (though I cant recall walking up the stairs exactly).

I burst into the next space without checking for anyone ( which I now find strange). The walls aren't uniform, and they're morphing blues and greens... There are rotating wheels (similar to wheel of fortune)with yet even more rotating items attached to the faces of them, attached to the walls and flying all about (pretty sure I saw a twacked out version of Sponge Bob?)... There are Many rooms with what seem to be experiments going on. One room had entities of some sort watching old episodes of the Simpson's, another seems to be some advanced machinery testing. I thought to myself "How strange?"... Then things got a lot stranger!

The music I'm listening to (some meditation live stream I found on YouTube for the event) starts to coalesce into a visual storm of synesthesia; Colors of different wavelengths and frequencies. The individual components of the music are constructing their own unique form, depending on the qualities of the sound it evokes, and I'm flooded with oscillating emotions that seem to be rhythmic, but random... I realize that the emotions, like the colored ribbons, correlate with the many tones and pitches of the different instruments I'm hearing... I'm FEELING the music!

The ever familiar confusion starts to settle in as the insight they bestow upon us there starts to slowly dwindle away with the vision. I find myself wanting to stay; "THE MUSIC!" I shout aloud...But I was back, and the room was slowly falling back into place.
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