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The Abyss Stares Back...

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This is a somewhat belated report, but I thought it worth mentioning.

By and large, the experience was ruined by a third party; a person both myself and my friend believed we could trust. Alas, said person was full of bravado and insisted on talking throughout. We shan't be making the mistake of inviting them again...

Anyway, the vape was ready and I took a good lungful, followed by another. I felt that this was enough, because it was only my second time and I didn't want to go the whole way. Especially not with aforementioned person being present. Plus, I had a lot on my mind; I didn't want to incur the wrath, shall we say.

Almost instantly, I was in a huge, dome-like environment which was largely comprised of huge, interlocking triangles. Within the triangles, I could clearly see a 'snake skin' pattern. As the trip intensified, the snake skin patterns began to move, as though there was a snake - or many snakes - simultaneously slithering through the triangles. There was no uniformity to the movement, though. The snake(s) was/were moving in all directions.

But this is where it gets interesting.

At the top of the dome, I saw 'a face'. It was as though this 'face' peeked at me from behind the trip. It was geometric in nature. Not human, but humanoid. In a strange way, you could call it handsome, but its features were markedly different to ours. A bit like a caricature, but everything was in proportion... if that makes any sense. It had a long face, strong jaw and cheekbones - and its eyes / mouth were like all the colours of the spectrum, densely packed; the colours remained separate, but so much more intense than their every day counterparts.

It held my gaze for what felt like a second or two, looking down upon me with inquisitiveness. Then, as quickly as it appeared, it retracted its head disappeared as though exiting my vision into another... dimension? Like I say, it came 'from behind' the vision. It left the same way it came.

Overall, I felt that I was left with a message: "Close, but not quite - you haven't had enough. Maybe next time".

The rest of the trip was largely the aforementioned triangles / snakes, albeit with added snake heads and flickering snake tongues. At one point, I began to lose all sense of myself. Everything started to go a pure white, and the 'dome' I was in condensed down. I felt 'between' this world and somewhere else. I couldn't sense breathing, I couldn't sense my body (I was cool with all of this - I have loads of sleep phenomena)... but then the third party started yapping on, and I came crashing back down.

Upon opening my eyes, I told the third party to "Be quiet" (which probably sounded more like "Ree Qrefghht!", and noted that everything was moving. Also, colours were... incredible. I mean, truly incredible. I was filled with awe.

5 minutes after that, I was back to normality.

So yeah. A weird one - and very enjoyable! I only wish I had taken the third lungful. If I had, I think I would have been catapulted elsewhere faster than you can say "OH SHI-"
Interesting trip report. Especially when compared to your last trip report that was quite dark, with the underlying message that you received.

If you were in awe of your experience, then I'm kind of excited on your behalf for your first breakthrough experience. You'll know when it happens. If you're asking yourself "did I just breakthrough" then you probably didn't.

Boy, are you in for a treat!
The last trip was comparatively dark, that is true - but only in part. Overall it was quite euphoric. The nature of the trip changed - I believe - because of my mindset. A stray thought interrupted the experience, and it was quite clearly a foreign object within the environment I found myself in. It was grabbed and examined, then presented as a fear. I was also told not to worry and that I'm "Fine", but changes have to be made.

I have no reason to believe there was anything more to it than a warning. A warning which I have since heeded :surprised
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