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The Ayahuasca "Doctors"

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I work with a shaman who is masterful at conducting ceremony. During ceremony, this shaman calls in "the doctors". I believe they are helping and/or healing spirits.

I'm curious to know if anyone has any ideas or informations on healing spirits referred to as "the doctors" (or any type of healing spirit). They did quite a number on me during the last 2 ceremonies, and I'm most grateful.
I've read about them in a ethnography about the shipibo-conibo. If i remember correctly, they are helpers in the heavenly spheres who have access to all sorts of cures and can show you which plants to use. But it's been a long time. Maybe i'm making things up.


Ani shinan: Schamanismus bei den Shipibo-Conibo (Ost-Peru) / Bruno Illius

Illius, Bruno, 1956-

2. Aufl.

Münster ; Hamburg : Lit, 1991

But it's in german so not sure if it has any use for you.

From what i gather, i believe that many 'dieta' plants have plant medico's or doctors. When a Curandero does a dieta he/she absorbs it, and can call them up to help during Ceremony.
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