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The beast from the east puts aya trip on ice.

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Jambo Bwana

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Storm Emma has put the blockers on our first ayahuaska retreat.
We had planned on a journey to experience Aya, Kambo and Bufo for the first time.

I'm slightly gutted but at the same time a little relieved.
The whole thing had been a little rushed, the last few days were spent wondering how we were going to battle through the snow to get to the airport, fly through the storm then get to the resort in a hire car. The snow has been hammering us for a couple days but is forecast to hit the area we were visiting worst tonight and we were meant to fly tomorrow.

I think if I had got there, the anxiety and the ordeal of the journey perhaps would not have been the ideal preparation for the next journey

Anyway, flights cancelled, no moneys lost and we can wait till a safer time to maybe visit a more sun soaked location to take in the next step of our psychadelic journey
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