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The Beckoning

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Rising Star
It was a nice sunny day yesterday so I decided to take a chair out under a willow tree beside a pond and have another dabble with DMT.
So far this has been my most pleasent trip, but again I forgot to keep hitting my pipe and close my eyes.
I got comfortable in my lawn chair looking over the pond, infornt of me are reeds on either side and my house in the distance, I took a long hit from my VG and watched my cat chase a frog under a bush, I watched as the DMT flooded my brain and then looked over the pond. It was similar to my other trips but got increasingly more intense, I forgot about my pipe and just looked around. It looked like reality had been painted on thick, I was noticing the fractal nature of the plants, the open eye visuals on DMT are difficult to put in to words, its almost obnoxiously colourful and intense.
I noticed I had gotten caught in a thought loop and tried to snap myself out of it but realised I was in deep, a calm came over me and I felt rushed somehow, I felt like there was a presence to my right beckoning me, encouraging me to go deeper, there was also a presence to my left that seemed smaller and less caring.
When I peaked I wondered if I had broke through, if this was it... I also thought that this is definitely not a drug you would do for fun.
At one point i would forget about my body, and wake up like "ohh, im still tripping" I got the sense a few times that the trip had ended and then would realise It was still going,
Eventually I came down, I felt good, things seemed s little clearer for no apparent reason, I was eagre to do it again and would give it an hour but ended up putting it off till the next day, but its a bit miserable outside today so I'm waiting for the next sunny day to have an other go and hopefully I will remember to take another hit or two.
Thanks for the report, I would say though, close your eyes! and as has been said many times before if you are wondering if you broke through, you almost certainly didn't because when you do there is very little doubt!

Also I always smoke dmt in the dark/with as little light interference as possible because I find it produces the clearest possible visuals.
Im not a big fan of being indoors, puts me in a poor mood and the darkness would make me paranoid, I have tried indoors and it was very clostrophobic.
I knew I hadnt broken through, but in the moment it crossed my mind.
I remember also feeling a bit down that it was just a drug, this thought looped several times, im want that experience that makes me question reality as I still very much feel like theres not that much to this DMT stuff.
im want that experience that makes me question reality as I still very much feel like theres not that much to this DMT stuff.

No offence intended, but once you have a breakthrough dose, you will realize how ridiculous this statement is.
It won't matter if you're inside or out, reality will be inside-out.

I also like smoalking low doses outside occasionally and keeping my eyes open, like you said, watching the fractal nature of the trees and plants is very cool. Laying at the base of a huge tree looking straight up is awesome.

Hope you have a great next trip!😁
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