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The Conflicted Conscience of a Wookie

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Hey all!
So there's this wookie who is very close to successfully completing his 1st decent extraction (confusa). The wookie is overwhelmed with the unexpected pride, learning and joy that has come with this experience. A very nice thing indeed.

The wookie also knows this ewok who loves their weed but only gets to smoke here and there (maybe once or twice one week, then nothing for a fortnight, etc). The ewok and the wookie are tight af, and the ewok knows about the extraction and has wanted to explore hyperspace for a few months now. The thing is the ewok is a little naive (but far from irresponsible) and has only ever had weed and alcohol. Wookie is worried that even though the ewok has researched things, that perhaps they've looked in the wrong places, like Joe Rogan for example. The wookie plans to ultimately create enhanced leaf and procure some for a very keen ewok as a 20-somethingth birthday present. They know they're receiving it, as the wookie figured it might be a bad idea to surprise them with no time to prepare. But now the wookie feels a duty to make sure the ewok has at least some decent idea of how intense it is going to be, coz the wookie cares for this ewok very much.

The wookie understands that a sub-bt dose is probably the best choice for the first time, but what more can a wookie do to help this ewok prepare? Mentally. I mean, neither the wookie nor the ewok are in this for "sik as colorz n s**t". The ewok has anxiety but it's not crippling and both parties believe hyperspace could be very beneficial.

Should the wookie worry less? The ewok is its own furry creature with it's own heart, brain and soul after all. On the other hand, the ewok only got interested in it because the wookie told them about their own (few and recent) experiences, and feels responsible if things go awry. Naturally, the wookie won't give away anything that is suspected to be unacceptable quality.

Thanks in advance guys, safe travels
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