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The dimensional blades

It is a recurring experience I have on pretty much all tryptamines. It's always part of a near-breakthrough experience, but on LSD it's often present even in the most distant afterglow of a trip... I'm sure others have had similar experiences, as it would seem a lot of psychedelic-influenced media suggests it... Like the Doctor Strange movie...

It's hard to describe, but I'll try. It's an inherently synesthetic experience. The hard edges of realities or spaces grinding together, constantly honed into infinitesimal blades. Hairline fractures of reality, permeating everything, especially my own body and spirit. A feeling bordering on pain and sound, like being cut up by the planes of existence, fractured into a smashed mirror.

Please add any relatable experiences you might have had. It would be nice to describe it more completely.
I get a glimpse of the hairline fracturing of reality stuff on cactus. In fact, I think Don Juan describes that kind of texture in one of his books when he goes deep with maybe Peyote. My memory is fuzzy, though. I didn't read the whole book.

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This is unrelated, but along the same lines of perceiving a kind of recurring theme/texture from a substance: In the after"glow" of Salvia I often find myself in perception of a deep, immensely powerful "churning" (/grinding, maybe) underneath, like from the center of the Earth, slowly and firmly expanding, turning, with the power and perhaps sound of a jaguar's growl, but so deep to be only felt, not heard. It resembles grinding gears as well--it is connected to the picturesqueness of the grinding gears of industrial landscapes and vehicles.
Thanks for the input! :) Mescaline is still something I haven't tried. Getting enough cactus for one trip is more on the expensive side, especially with postage and all.

I think my experience may also have parallels to some aspects of the "Electric DMT terror" described in this forum: electric DMT terror - Hyperspace Lexicon - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Some examples:
obliguhl said:
A very uncomfortable force cutting through me, ripping my body appart in a sense.
Shattered_Symmetry said:
it felt like being torn apart by 1000 tiny knives (...) I actually felt physical pain in my extremities.
Felnik said:
some kind of fractal fragmentation , or splintered into A million eternal fractal fragments. Electric fractal splintering

That said, this dimensional blades experience is not inherently bad or frightening, beyond that the idea of being dissected by dimensional fractures is at least somewhat uncomfortable to consider.
The sound they make is equivalent to shoving tiny metal rods into my head - it is literally painful for me to be around this sound for too long.

The experience involved this thing that turned my body into a robotic, metallic, android thing. I felt my body breaking down and being pulled apart, poked and transformed to the rhythm of the Cicadas in the back ground. Ever since that day, I've been experiencing these strange metallic pains all throughout my body when the Cicadas sing. It's like a weird metallic pressure. I used to like their song. But now, it's associated with a difficult experience.

From this old thread: Cicadas - Open Discussion - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Which lead to this: It was like an interactive movie - DMT Experiences - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

I've also been shredded by a large, angry, hyper-dimensional jungle cat. I guess I pissed it off by coming in with force after nothing had replied to my knock. Whoops. I remember just thinking, "oh I can't wait to forget this!" over and over in my head. I never forgot it.

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