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The early journey: Questions

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Hi all. :)

A fascinated lurker/Internet researcher ;) is looking to open their third eye and expand their perception of the Universe. They are becoming increasingly interested in trying DMT for the first time. They have experimented with low dosages of mushrooms twice in their lifetime, but no LSD. Seeing as this is a relatively low entheogen history, would more psilocybin trips be advisable prior to the smoked DMT takeoff?

SWIM is also concerned that DMT might overwhelm their petite frame that is relatively sensitive to psychoactive substances; what would be a recommended smoked dosage for a short, lightweight person, so that they don't black out but still are able to cross the threshold?

Thanks for any input!
DMT is a great place to start!

Nothing else can prepare you for the ride....nothing. I also wouldn't worry too much about blacking out. For a first dose I would keep it in the 25-35 range. A full breakthrough dose is different for ever person, but most people breakthrough with 40-65mgs.

It is always advisable to start slow and work your way up. But go with what is comfortable for you, some people like to jump right in and are glad they did....others go too far too fast and never touch it again.
Much appreciated for the recommended doses -- that's a good point to make about going too fast. I have a friend who told me his experience, and he said he'd never do it again because it was "too much." He said he met a being (in light form) that "judged" his life. The Light said it was neither good, nor bad, just "pure." This sounded actually inspiring to me, but to somebody who had no idea what they were undertaking in the first place, I can see how it would be scary.

Well, hopefully SWIM will meet the spice some day; no rush, but they'll be lurking around still for sure!
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