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The feared and misunderstood purge.

Migrated topic.
The universe is vibrational. Emotion, feeling, & even rational thought contribute to our well being. Modern medicine in a sense in the westernised place has made many people to become reliant on external help. Which is neither good nor bad, however before handing over energy, shouldn't we take the time to try and look into these problems one self? But really looking into. We are always quick to judge, and seek answers, and 'figure it out'. I see above someone talks about the release of internal toxins by harmalas, yes maybe so. however as a pose to viewing these substances scientifically & physically, if one were to view them intuitivily and respectfully (by carrying no pre judgement) you will soon discover what good that plant will do for you. It is for this I do hold respect for ancient & modern shamans that hold respect for the spirit and work in this way. The ancient shaman able to suck the illness from the ill person by resignating on that vibration of the illness itself. He would than purge that illness from himself. One would remove illness from the body and not hold.

On to the purge, I have done Aya once before, smoked plenty off freebase, changa. a hell of a lot of acid & mushrooms in my time etc etc. I currently have my 2nd aya brew in the fridge which has been sitting in my fridge for 3 weeks. When the time is right I will drink and in a way will welcome the purge as I know it is a big part of the healing i will endure. Ancient or old use of Ayauscha , the roots of what we are talking about now, in my eyes should be respected.

After all they did all the research, intuitivily & directly...
I know that this, the purge, is just one of those things that is beautifully necessary and necessarily beautiful, and that I couldn't possibly understand this fully until I am deep in the psychedelic experience. I can feel it now as something so wonderful that I have waited my entire life for it. The feeling is subtle, and seems to bring on flashbacks the more I try to focus on it. I can't wait to use ayahuasca for the first time.
Very intense. I had my first purge with Achuma two weeks ago.. I look at it differently now.

I am planning on exploring aya for the first time and assume I will be taught much more about the purge soon.

Bless my tainted soul. :love: :cry:
some dont purge at all. I have never personally seen Minxx vomit in the 2.5 years we have haved been drinking together..but I vomit at least 50% of the time..Weird thing is I never purged until I had already drunk ayahuasca many many times..it just started to happen at some point. Then it even happened with sublingual pharmahuasca..and even with a DMT snuff once.
I purge with mushrooms quite frequently, but it is always a very pleasant and surprisingly peaceful experience, usually. Sometimes it's very intense.

I have a friend who purges every time he vaporizes DMT. He travels with a trusty trash can.
Never have purged on psychedelics. Not scared to - just never happens.

Sometimes, after reading about the liberating feeling and how many people do experience this aspect, I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

I watch my diet a lot before journeying and I've always had a pretty strong stomach but it sounds like a lot of folks have that going for them and many still purge.

I guess when the cosmos wills it, I will let it loose.
Since Ayahuasca, I have come to appreciate the purge too.
I also do dry purge on high doses of changa, it is linked to anxiety for me.
I have become quite confident that if I start to feel fears with caapi+dmt, I'll always have an escape route through purging.
With mushrooms though, the fears won't go away by purging, I have to confront them...
And with pure DMT, I don't have fears... But as soon as I add some harmalas...
I've yet to do Aya or Pharma but the first time I took Syrian Rue and smoked DMT I purged. Now I purge off just about every psychedelic. For me it's become a means of coughing up accumulated psychic garbage from the last time I tripped. Sometimes it's like I'm puking up my ego or humbling myself before whatever sacrament I'm taking.

When I fight it I tend to have a bad trip, lots of over thinking, self judgement, and negatively focused (rather than positive) introspection. I think a lot of this comes from the idea that puking or being sick is bad. The struggle to keep my food down seems to lead to emotional repression as well. When I let myself be sick the feeling tends to pass and I enter a place of acceptance with myself where I can make positive changes without judgement.

My subjective experiences aside, serotonin plays a large role in appetite and digestion. Feeling like you're going to puke is a pretty common biological reaction to ingesting serotonin agonists. Once you puke endorphins are (supposedly) released, making you feel better. (I couldn't find a study on this though it shows up as 'common knowledge' on a lot of bulimia websites).

Anyway, I find that it's a really interesting subject and it seems to me that there's both psychological and physiological effects at play here, i.e. resisting your bodies natural urge to vomit can't feel good either physically or emotionally.
Purge is good... and help clean the body/soul/mind .... but also is important the diet...

I do an intense diet 7 days after the ceremony ... and help to focus and clean for the
For the past 15 years, any moderate to high dose of LSD or shrooms has been preceded by a 12 hour fast, lots of hydrating and peeing. Since I've been doing this I almost never feel nausea during the trip.

Once I had this super crude proto-aya that involved chugging over a half gallon of diluted grass juice. The purge came on suddenly (was fully expected) but I fought it at first and suffered- thought I would choke to death. Then I reminded myself to flow with it, and it became almost an ecstatic dance. When finished, I chugged more water so I could purge more. I've never felt so clean.
So, i feel i should write down a few things about my experience with the purge. First of all, others may see the purge as necessary or even cleansing, i don't, the purge used to be a nuisance, but here lately i've come to realize it's merely part of the experience.

I have taken Ayahuasca Analogs quite alot, and i love it, but i was never fond of the purge, the nausea or the gut pains. I used to simply ingest 6 capsules of ground up Rue seed that would have my stomach in so much pain and nausea that it really did put me off from taking Ayahuasca again for awhile. Then i started looking into herbs that could possibly help out, as well as certain procedures that could be done in order to make Ayahuasca easy on the stomach and easy to ingest.

I ended up at first taking Lemon Balm tea with my Rue seed capsules (which completely eliminated the nausea and gut pains i always felt), and any remaining nausea was easily taken care of with some Cannabis. But then i didn't like the idea of having to ingest Rue seed, so i opted for extracting and purifying the Harmalas and loading up a dose into a single capsule (which is AWESOME). Then, i learned about the egg white tannin binding and started doing that with the Acacia and Chaliponga, which in turn gave me a clean, translucent orange/red, practically tasteless tea, that can be mixed with Lemon Balm tea and is VERY easy to drink.

The result? A single Harmala capsule, a Lemon Balm tea, and an Acacia/Lemon Balm tea, and the experience that follows is so much deeper and so much fuller than most of my prior experiences without the Lemon Balm. But i was STILL antsy about the purge and wanted to eliminate it as well. In my determination to avoid the purge, i tried adding Ginger to my Ayahuasca, twice, and each time it negatively effected the experience and right then and there i heard the message loud and clear from Ayahuasca. It was telling me that there's no way around the purge, and that the purge is just part of the experience. I've already managed to take away the nausea and gut pains, so the resulting purge is pretty much quick and painless... and i finally understood that i had been looking at the purge all wrong up until this point, and while i still do not know/understand it's usefulness, i do understand it's just part of the experience and i accept that now :)

And yeah i should mention that i do not diet... not that i'm putting anyone else off from following a diet, just saying that i don't. But that's fine with me, yeah i need to eat healthier, but Ayahuasca works for me regardless of what i eat, so i'm good in that department.
I enjoyed all of these aspects from all the Nexians and I figured I'd put my two cents in.

Before taking the dive into the vast ocean of Ayahuasca I always thought negatively toward the purge. I thought it would feel like being sick from the Flu or some sort of symptom of spoiled foods. This was not the case with the purge with Ayahuasca. In fact it is quite different for many reasons. This is the way I perceive it, there are 3 types of purge:

1st: This purge is the Ayahuasca doing her work getting nice and cozy inside you. Then when she has seeped into you body she expels the residual medicine that isn't needed, this is usually when the full blown experience starts.

2nd: This purge is the cleansing aspect that most of us agree upon. The expulsion of toxins that you have consumed through foods and illicit drugs. She is purifying you in a sense for the experience that is unfolding.

This purge has many aspects to it. This can be for getting rid of negative energy blockages that have buried themselves inside of you that need to be released as well as negative emotions, entities, and repressed unconscious materials. And personally for me when the experience gets really intense I purge to overcome it.

All in all the purge has it's purpose in the Ayahuasca experience, so don't fear it, embrace it. When you fight it, it usually becomes distracting through out the Journey where you need your full attention. Personally if I don't purge I feel I'm missing out, sometimes I cheat and induce the purge and it works because once I start I can't stop until the process is done, which is great for me because the experience goes full blown.

Don't take it from me though, I am one of many. Safe Journeys Everyone.
Cool post. I almost feel bad for those who don't purge lol. The purge has been the most sacred experience of my life. It's what takes me to the deepest levels. One minute I'm uneasy and the rooms looking wobbly and the next i'm expelling every ounce of nastiness within me and flying at high speed through divine visions. And it builds and builds and builds as I keep vomiting until I am nothing but source-God. In that realm there is no nastiness left. Just pure undiluted love and creative potential. I remember thinking "i'm fixed, i'm fixed" lol. Those visions are permanently stained into my brain and three years later they still draw tears from my eyes on a regular basis.
I purged a lot in the beginning working with Ayahuasca.. Everytime I drank. It is in my sense an amazing liberating feeling.
But after decided to become a sort of Ayahuasquero and moved into the mountains sometime to cook and drink her every day more or less for learning, the purga stopped after a while. I now take pretty high dosages and it does not matter, and if the feeling of purging comes I focus on it in a meditative way and when I pass it and I go deeper in the experience.
This I find interesting, the same with the meditation goes for other distractions: body dissolving, beautiful visuals, stomache cramps, the temptation to fall into the enlighten thought patterns that Caapi provides, laughter, cries etc etc... If you can stay focused and not fall into these "things" you will go very deep.. very very deep!

When working with people I always teach them a meditation practise before and the first 30min in I guide them in this, and afterwards they usually say wow Im so happy that you thought me this it completely changes things.
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