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The Feeling of DMT

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After experiencing DMT, I sat for a couple hours to contemplate how I could best express my feelings and insight on the trip as a whole and on the drug itself. I wrote my thoughts and ideas down to help out some of my friends who were greatly interested in trying the drug, but wanted to know what it was like and what to expect. This is what i came up with.

Imagine suddenly feeling mentally and physically forgotten and forever lost, in ways your brain cannot even begin to fathom, unable to comprehend where you are at, what you see, and how things are, but at the same time eerily feeling the need to embrace the massive amounts of radiating energy and vividly intricate technicolor dimensions that surround and move throughout your body, spirit, and mind as you fly at 5 million miles per hour through this crazy hyperspace, which is magically unbound by time, or any other logical, credible, or reasonable attribute and where everything is unknown to and beyond the deepest limits of the brain and human thought. Its a place where nothing is or even remotely seems like what it was before, where what your mind and your body sense in any way, shape, or form is not only something you have NEVER been able to sense (Or close to anything you have sensed before), but also something that is completely baffling to every square inch in your body, your brain, and the entire spectrum of your greatest possible imaginations, making everything that is experienced in the trip to become some sort of stupefying mystery which now exists in your extravagant sensorium. I don't feel that it is the objective (Or that there is an objective at all for that matter) to be dumbfounded or in question from the psychedelic kaleidoscopical patters, shapes, and objects and mind altering sensory abilities. I feel one is to be understanding of the lack of a 'normal' in any dimension, to any extremity, and to be one with all dimensions in the euphoric place where everything is perfectly balanced, where complex energy and extreme serenity integrate and flow beautifully together not only through the vast depths of the space and area about you, but through yourself as well, in the most content notion possible. There is no need to comprehend anything at all during the trip, there are no questions, there are no gods or orders, there is no need for priority, there is no need to know. There is simply an opportunity to coexist with the gift of multiple dimensions in the most peaceful state and manner possible.
it'd be too arrogant to assume I could sum up all dmt experiences with a simmelar vibe but lately for SWIM thre has been a feeling of great spiritual growth and expansion, new levels explored. no longer just the usual elves and porn.

Also, lately, a feeling of "oh i dont know if im ready for that again so soon" swim says.

But in small doses, in a spliff,

SWIM says its like ULTRAMONG. asif yuo'd taken alot of MDMA and were gouching out.
Personally, I think to try and explain what to "expect" to someone who has never experienced it would not offer much value, and may even detract from their own personal experience. I think the best thing you could possibly tell someone is something to the effect of "I can't tell you exactly what you will experience, but I CAN tell you that it might possibly be one of the most amazing psychedelic experiences of your life... or not, but it's worth the trip. I'll see you in ten or fifteen minutes" (flick, flick... as the lighter ignites). 8)
Many of my friends have experimented with psychedelics plenty of times, so they basically understood and knew that they were going to embark on their own distinctive journey, but they couldn't grasp the idea of the intensity because no form of communication can exert the true feeling of DMT. That's very true that my attempt to do so may affect their trip in some way, but i had also let them know that the explanation i wrote was unique to my own trip and that my feelings were nowhere near how intense i truly felt. Hence the reason why my paragraph is how I could BEST express my feelings and insight on the trip as a whole and on the drug itself, intended for those simply seeking more information and another point of view on DMT.
I would say: you don't know for sure if you just died or what, but despite it's unearthlyness it has a strange and pleasant familiarity. you become one with the vibrations of the universe.
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